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Vaccine Rotation, What I Bought and Sold, Stocks on Thin Ice, Apple's Event

What the Nasdaq experienced Monday is known not just as an 'Outside Day,' but an 'Outside Reversal,' and these can be dangerous.

Jim Cramer: 'Robin Hoodies' Hit the Bull's-Eye

Today we find out that not only have they hit paydirt, but many of their choices are twice blessed. Here's why.

Can the Bulls Keep It Going After a Surprising and Dramatic Week?

This continues to be a market with a 'risk-on' mindset.

Will This Four-Day Winning Streak Turn Out Different?

In early October, the S&P 500 had a very similar run of four straight gap-up opens.

Shark Bites: I'm Getting Charged Up About Beam Global

Here's my trading strategy for this EV charging stock.

Market Looks Ahead as Election Drama Unfolds

Market strength seems to indicate that concerns about an uncertain election outcome are fading.

Shark Bites: Tattooed Chef Is Shaking Off the SPAC Handicap

When bottom fishing, the first bounce may be the biggest but subsequent ones are often easier to catch.

Red Monday, Virus Rattles Market, Political Picture, Aerospace & Defense Stocks

This is a major earnings week, electoral risk is real, the virus is already slowing velocity, and the cavalry (fiscal policy) is not coming. Sometimes, circling the wagons is not the worst idea.

This Is Corrective Action, Not Bear Market Action

Don't be too negative.

There's Some Interesting Rotational Action Taking Place

I expect the indices will jump around again soon on news about fiscal stimulus.