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Fingers Crossed for a Small-Cap Revenge Rally in 2022

The lingering effects of the pandemic have been hard on smaller biotech and healthcare stocks, but the worm could turn next year.

Small and Micro-Cap Value Names Are Leading the Way in 2021

The question is whether large-cap value will be able to begin doing the same.

Breadth Is a Key Concern Amid Signs of a Market Pause/Bounce

It's extremely important to us to see some notable improvement in market breadth.

Oversold Secondary Stocks Ready to Bounce as Thanksgiving Seasonality Takes Hold

The Russell 2000 is testing its breakout point due to vicious rotation, but conditions favor better speculative action during the holiday week.

Several Factors Are Impacting the Market Action

I remain optimistic about stock picking and trading as we head into Thanksgiving week.

The Market's Highs Are Being Built on a Deteriorating Foundation

Trends for the major equity indexes remain a mix of bullish, neutral and bearish projections.

Quiet Season, Oil, Credit Card Boondoggle, Cisco's Strike Out, Nvidia's Home Run

Energy prices have turned out to be the primary driver for what now appears to be 'out of control' consumer-level prices.

Here's How the Indexes Are Misrepresenting What's Really Happening in the Market

The indexes have been hiding poor action in growth stocks and better action in small-caps.

This Apple Chart Is Quite Attractive and It's Working on a Breakout Move

I can see the appeal if someone is worried about a deeper correction in small-caps.

Momentum Slows as Corrective Action Intensifies

The good news is that some of the frothy speculation has cooled, and skepticism is building.