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Who Loves This Market?

For those ultra-committed traders that plan on trading today, good luck.

Let's Stoop to a New Low -- And See Why New Lows Matter

Here in two charts of the Russell 2000 fund I show how we can make sense of this indicator and how we can use it to our advantage.

5 Reasons to Bet on Biotech

Small-cap biotech names are seeing dramatic, widespread declines, creating a liquidation sale for investors.

2 'January Effect' Trading Candidates

I think these names will benefit from this theme, which I project will start to occur right after the Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Here's What I'm Trading Amid the Rotational Action

Can growth stocks and small-caps bounce back from a drubbing?

Fundamentals and Charts Don't Matter Right Now

This is the opposite of a stock-pickers' market.

It's a Mess Out There, and the Indexes Are Covering It Up

Strength in a few big-cap names continues to hide very vicious correctional action in the majority of stocks.

Here's Why I'm Digging Cipher Mining

When it comes to mining cryptocurrency, hash rate is (almost) everything.

Crash-Like Action Hits Parts of the Market

Strong fundamentals just don't matter when this sort of selling occurs.

Vicious Rotation Action Continues

If your stock isn't in the right group, then it is being pounded regardless of its fundamentals.