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There's a Resurgence in SPAC Names

The positive news is that small-caps continue to do well and there's some good trading in smaller names.

Market Turns Frothy With Bits of Speculation Mixed In

Bitcoin and other 'secondary' names move, while big retailers sell.

Shark Bites: This 'Tortoise' Is Gaining Momentum

Hyliion Holdings seems to have found support in the lower $20s and is now turning up.

Blink and Don't Miss This EV Opportunity

This trade in the electric vehicle-related space doesn't rely on an unknown catalyst.

Want Your Portfolio to Pop? Look Beyond the Mega Caps

It's not just those big names that go up. Here are some under-the-radar companies to consider.

Indecisive Markets, RealClearPolitics, Infection Surge, Moderna, Disney Earnings

Trading volume was low enough Wednesday to indicate a lack of conviction, or conviction that did not spread across enough managers to truly change the narrative.

I'm Focusing on Quicker Trades: Here Are Two

We are seeing some reversals in the overreactions that occurred in the last two days.

You're Either in This Market Party, or You're Not

The either/or market continues -- but let's take a closer look at what's really just a giant trading range.

It's Big Cap Vs. Small Cap

The Russell 2000 exchange-traded fund gained while Nasdaq 100 fund slipped. Let's look at how character is shifting in the market.

A Market in Transition

Now's the time to take a step back and prepare mentally for what happens next.