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Does the Surge in Retail Traders Signal an Inevitable Market Collapse?

With the elimination of commissions, you can 'play' for free as long as you have capital.

One Simple, 'Bread and Butter' Trading Strategy

The challenge of this market is catching intraday movement.

The Trend Is Still Our Friend: Here's What I'm Buying

I'm a buyer and a continue to look for new merchandise.

As Momentum Slows, Some Small-Cap Pruning Is in Order

Many of the smaller stocks I favor have not reported earnings yet and I'm cutting them back.

Trust Your Gut (Experience) When Trading: What Mine Is Telling Me Now

The market hates lucky traders. Following your instincts is so you can sleep at night.

This Trash-Is-Cash Game Is Heading Toward a Dumpster Fire

The best approach to making huge gains right now is one I've watched wipe out friends and family.

Bitcoin and Biotech on My Mind as Defiant Bears Get Crushed

Liquidity, FOMO and a short squeeze are driving market action.

August Feels Dangerous, but There Still Are Stocks to Target

Among the companies that seem to be managing the challenges of 2020 quite well is Pluralsight Inc.

'Sell the News' Sellers Are Sold Out by Apple Buyers

This market simply has no fear of staying with the big-cap tech names that have been leaders for so long.

I Want This Electric Vehicle SPAC and I Want It Now!

I'm a buyer of Spartan Energy Acquisition, but with a patience level beyond Veruca Salt.