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If You Won't Buy Now… When Would You?

The stocks on my 'Sweet Seventeen' list of best ideas are trading at extremely attractive valuations.

Trading a Bear Market Is Not Just the Inverse of Trading a Bull Market

Bear markets are much less forgiving than bull markets.

Respect the Bear and Embrace the Struggle

Let me tell you the most important thing for traders and investors to do right now.

I'm Totally 'Fed' Up!

Here's why my head is spinning -- and it's not from staring at the Sentiment Cycle.

Here's How I'm Playing It in This Difficult Trading Environment

There is likely to be plenty of shoving and pushing as traders position for the reaction to the Fed news.

Charts Shout That This Is Not a Buying Opportunity

A key chart tracking the S&P 500 suggests more downside to come even after the carnage of recent days.

Value Keeps Holding Up Better Than Growth, but That's Not Saying Much

And the shares of smaller companies such as Vera Bradley show that a stock that may look like a bargain sometimes isn't.

Help!? I'm Sending Out an E.T.F.

As the markets sink, I've got an options plan for this index exchange-traded fund.

The Thin Green Line, Market Fairness, Treasury Demand, Mortgages, Meta and Musk

We've never unwound a close to $9T central bank balance sheet before, let alone do so as the entire economy skates on the thinnest ice seen in these parts for quite some time.