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Here's a Tip: Insiders Are Selling...

But before you run out and liquidate your portfolio, let's take a closer look at how their timing may not be so hot.

Do Activists Have an Answer at Bed Bath & Beyond?

Is a turnaround even possible anymore?

Over 21? Here Are 8 Speculative Mining Stocks to Think About

These mining names look attractive at this juncture. But do your homework.

Don't Be Deceived by Dow, the Markets Are in Rotation

Money is shifting to a narrower group of big caps, which is likely due to allocation decisions by large pension plans that are reacting to the Fed.

Late Buying Saves Day, But Get Ready for Slow End of Week

Last-hour buying sent the indexes into positive territory, but breadth remained negative, oil-related stocks were brutalized as money flowed into precious metals, bitcoin and bonds.

Gold and Bitcoin Are Bouncing Back: How I'm Playing Them

There has been some correlation lately between gold and bitcoin.

Transports and Russell 2000 Join the Club

All of the major equity indices have now closed above this key technical level.

It's Better to Be Right on Time Than Pretty Late

As good charts can turn bad and vice-versa, we should look to sets of indicators to chart the market's movements -- and the indicators didn't change drastically from Friday's action.

5 Cannabis ETFs to Fire Up Your Portfolio

Two of them are brand new.

June Rotations and Why I Like Apple on Jony Ive's Departure: Market Recon

The risk is that the chief design officer's departure will cause technical issues in Apple's chart.