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Betting on the Small Caps

I'm willing to take a small bearish call spread on IWM and bring in a net credit, here's my play.

Will the Indices Find Support Without a Full Retest of the Lows?

Optimism tends to drive the oversold, counter-trend bounces, while reality tends to end them.

Don't Fear: You Won't Miss Out

Many people just can't resist the temptation of buying weakness as they are fooled into thinking it's a bargain, but there's no rush to buy anything right now.

No Market for Old Stock Pickers

There are, however, some day trades to be had by the nimble and swift.

'The Worst Is Over' Narrative Is More Hope Than Reality

Rush to be bullish appears to be much more of an emotional reaction than one based on factual information.

Coronavirus Pandemic Exposes Strengths and Weaknesses in Cannabis Companies

Those that could quickly pivot may earn a new set of customers.

Three Years of Gains Gone In Less Than a Month

With the ultimate damage unknown, the market can't find support.

Keeping Sane, the Profitable Way: How I'm Playing This Market

I continue to shuttle new money into the market on declines using buy-write option strategies.

Small-Caps Are Finally Seeing Some Bottom Fishing

I believe this is just bounce action at this point and not a bottom, but I'm playing it.

This Market's Too Thorny to Touch

The key is to buy when risk is low and the potential for sustained upside is high -- now is not that time.