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In This Market, If You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em

There is no way to know how long this theme of strong small-cap speculation and short squeezes will continue, but I have no interest in fighting it.

Small Traders Are in Control of This Market

That 'dumb' money can overpower giant hedge funds and create massive, short squeezes is a good indication that there is still plenty of buying power out there.

Bright Cannabis Outlook Leads to Bigger Estimates for 2022

The fundamentals of the cannabis industry continue to improve.

2 More Covered Call Opportunities That Are Calling Investors

Here are options plays involving promising small-caps Clearside Biomedical and Mustang Bio.

Stock Market Continues to Defy Conventional Wisdom

Concerns about the action being overheated remain, but rotational action keeps the momentum going.

My 'Aggressive', Under-the-Radar Stock Pick for 2021

This cannabis-related model that sheds the commodity moniker and actually is a life sciences company.

Rotation Back to FATMAAN Stocks Provides Strong Market Support

This action indicates that the institutional and big money is afraid of missing out.

Netflix Earnings Combined with Small-Cap Momentum Keep the Market Running

This market offers plenty of opportunities for aggressive traders that manage positions carefully.

The Hot Action in this Market Is in Small Stocks

This continues to look like a very healthy market.

Traditional Wall Street Hates Low-Priced Stock Outperformance, But Not Traders

Professional investors may bemoan the aggressive trading of cheaper stocks, but it is where the action is right now.