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You Don't Have to Swing for the Fences With Every Investment in Small Caps

The way I do that is by using buy-write option strategies.

'Momentum' Beats 'Overbought' but It Wasn't a Convincing Win

Strength in the market was primarily in a small group of big caps, particularly Apple.

Bulls Take Control but Can They Keep on Running?

If this rally is going to gain some momentum, we need to see more-selective buying.

Don't Try to Fight This Market Momentum

This rally caught many institutional investors by surprise and when that happens they tend to put money in the most liquid names very fast.

Growth Worries Bubble Up Again but the Charts Look Okay

The most-important index to watch right now is the Russell 2000 small-cap index.

Small-Caps Come Back

Tuesday's trading saw a shift in action as small-caps outperformed for the first time in a month.

Tuesday Was a Clear Victory for the Bulls

The action could have been better, but there seems to be a good amount of capital still looking for a place to go.

Look Out for an Intraday Reversal in the Market

Some momentum movers are becoming extended and have seen profit-taking Monday.

My Post-Earnings Assessment of 2 Biotech Stocks

Let's look at a couple of companies we have covered on these pages before.

3 Interesting Stocks I'm Watching Right Now

The S&P 500 can afford to give back a pretty good chunk here without doing any technical damage.