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Look Out for an Intraday Reversal in the Market

Some momentum movers are becoming extended and have seen profit-taking Monday.

My Post-Earnings Assessment of 2 Biotech Stocks

Let's look at a couple of companies we have covered on these pages before.

3 Interesting Stocks I'm Watching Right Now

The S&P 500 can afford to give back a pretty good chunk here without doing any technical damage.

Bearish Narrative Once Again Loses Its Bite

What was most impressive Tuesday was that the number of new 12-month highs.

This Under-the-Radar Regional Bank Stock Has a Stellar Dividend Track Record

The bank, which has increased its dividend 38 years in a row, would be a Dividend Aristocrat but for the fact that it is not in the S&P 500 Index.

At Last, Bears Dig Their Claws Into This Market

Price action like this demands that we act to protect capital even if you think it isn't all that significant.

Why It's Hard for Me to Be Bullish Right Now

I can't say I'm bearish, but there are a number of changes that have taken place in the last week or so that give me pause.

Be Careful in Both Directions, the Market Beast Is Very Ornery Now

This stock market is doing a nice job of making it tough on everyone.

After-Hours Earnings Beats for These 3 Small-Cap Names

This trio of small-caps is on the rise after a tough few months.

Canaccord Gives Customer CLS Holdings a Speculative Buy Rating

CLS Holdings USA has won a speculative buy rating from Canaccord, but the cannabis company will have to raise $56 million to complete some key acquisitions in order to keep it.