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Indices Fail to Tell the Story of This Market

Stay focused on sectors and rotational action if you want to navigate the action.

Jim Cramer: What Happened to the Gods of Momentum?

When GameStop filed to sell 3.5 million shares, the notion that Ryan Cohen had something up his sleeve went out the window.

It's Even Worse Than the Indexes Look

It's a tough day for many stocks -- but here's my take on the action and how to be best positioned.

I've Got Wine and Baseball Cards on My Mind

Two new IPOs are on my radar.

Liquidity Dries Up and Small-Caps Are Slammed

There is some very ugly action under the surface.

Market's 'Superficial' Highs Are Only Skin Dip

You can't call this market overbought when so much of it isn't participating.

Making the Best of the Peculiar Market Action

Trading in biotech stocks and a particular SPAC play are on my mind.

Small-Caps Pop Back to Life

Special purpose acquisition companies also perk up.

Shark Bites: Taking Advantage of Weak Biotechnology Action

The stock is trading near its recent secondary pricing and has very attractive price targets from analysts.

Why We Raised Our Market Outlook

Can the market break out from its recent pause?