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Let's See If the Market's Latest Bounce Has Legs This Time

Don' be sucked into hyperventilating about a market bottom.

Bed Bath & Beyond: A Whole Lotta Ugly But I See Something Interesting for Bulls

A debt-load that appears to be growing and a cash balance that appears to be shrinking is a sub-optimal situation.

The Door to the Market Seems Closed, but I Might 'OPEN' One

This should be a bargain hunter's paradise, but not so much in reality. Here's a stock, however, that stands out.

Apple Heartbreak, Bond Breakout, They Asked Evans, Trading Tesla, Going Nuclear

Treasury yield spreads continue to move if not into a healthy configuration, at least a healthier-looking direction.

The Performance Difference Between Large and Small-Caps Should Concern Investors

The damaging psychological impact of the 2008-2009 period is still being felt by some to this day.

In This Market, Connecting the Dots Ain't Always Easy

We're likely getting intermediate-term oversold enough to rally -- but with that Fed meeting coming up, who knows how the pattern will unfold. Also, let's check the Russell 2000, Bank Index and breadth.

This Value Investor Has Found a 'Dead Cow' to Feast On

I'm 'the bear' in this market and see value where others turn away.

What Will Bail You Out in a Bull Market Will Bury You in Bear Market

If you aren't quick enough right now, you will be burned.

Investors Work Up an Appetite for Restaurants, Even as Prices Leave a Bad Taste

Sooner or later price increases have got to weigh on the consumer -- and impact restaurant revenue.

Serious Fed, Traders More Than Investors, Top Dog Energy, 3M, Trading Belite Bio

The Fed was too easy for far too long and now will be too tight, probably for far too long.