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There Continues to Be a Lack of Energy and Choppy Rotational Action

The biggest problem that the market faces is that good fundamentals and news are not producing positive price action.

A Mixed Market Is Searching for a Catalyst

Small-cap earnings season begins, but the dog days of summer make for dull trading action.

I've Got My Eye on Cannabis on a Mellow Monday

This is still a tricky trading market with many small-caps languishing due to a lack of interest.

The Inflection Point? Weak Organic Economic Growth, My Broad Investment Thesis

It must be pointed out that earnings have been better than excellent, but calendar year 2022 expectations have been dropping.

Small Caps Stand Out Amid Week of Mega-Cap Earnings

The Russell 2000 climbed this week as the big-cap tech names reported and Robinhood's initial public offering disappointed. Now will we see a deeper correction?

I'm Bottom Fishing and Nibbling Amid Positive Action

There just isn't much downside left in most of the small-caps that have already been hit hard.

Traders Looking for More Rotational Action as Facebook Stumbles

Senior indices and many big-caps are technically extended and prone to 'sell the news' reactions.

A Magic Number for the Russell 2000 ETF

Let's look at this either/or action, strange sentiment and why it would be big deal if IWM can get over $222.

10 Beaten-Down Favorites I'm Buying as Smaller Stocks Bounce

There are any number of ways the inconsistency in the market action can fix itself.

A 'Bad' Stock Market Starts to Wear Out Traders

We have a dysfunctional setup once again.