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Tables Turn for Laggards and Leaders

These shifts can help close the gaps that have become excessive -- and can reward stock pickers who were watching names trapped in out-of-favor groups like biotechnology.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why the Market Is Cheering Georgia's Results

The fears of what would happen from Democratic wins in Georgia's race failed to pan out, aside from tech taking a few hits. Here's what's happening instead and why.

Jim Cramer: Let's the Check the Weather on Wall Street

Each day you hear analysts talk about headwinds and tailwinds until your head spins -- so let's try to put together a forecast.

Injection of Vaccine Hope Spurs a Messy Rally

The sloppy day wasn't nearly as positive as you'd think based on the action in the Dow and S&P 500, and the question now is what comes next?

Jim Cramer: Here's Some Chicken Soup for Your Stocks as Lockdown Trade Returns

As Covid-19 numbers rise in many states, it's time to get out of the restaurant stocks and look to Campbell Soup.

The Market's Moves Aren't Pretty, but They're Necessary

We badly needed some corrective action and that is proceeding in a fairly orderly manner.

Jim Cramer: Welcome to the New World of Sole Proprietorship

It's amazing, a celebration of small business creativity unleashed by a pandemic that will never be snuffed and this wave deserves our patronage and our money.

Have a Heart CEO Says Flipping of Company Not Legit

San Francisco-based dispensary got flipped by three different owners in two months, including to High Times.

Jim Cramer: Think We'll Waltz Back to Business? Tennessee Shows It Ain't Easy

The state's pledge may help keep customers safer, but it would likely drive the restaurants out of operation soon.

Trading Appears Awry, and I'm Watching SPY

Here are the reversals I'm looking for on Monday on the SPDR S&P 500 exchange-traded fund trust.