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Akamai Technologies Shows Nothing But Weakness Ahead of Earnings

Here's what to avoid for now.

Has Nvidia's New Year Rally Run Its Course?

It might be time to nail down profits.

Lam Research Will Likely Continue Its Sideways Price Movement

There are two things I still need to see.

Skyworks Solutions Is Improving but Doesn't Appear to Be Heading Skyward

The charts indicate that the shares of the semiconductor maker are likely to trade sideways for a while even as it gains an analyst's buy recommendation.

I Like the Diversification of ON Semiconductor: Here's How I'd Play It

The argument can be made that the stock is on the inexpensive side even if they have brought down expectations.

I Like AMD and Lisa Su Even If the Stock May Need a Trim

Do not confuse prudent risk management with my not continuing to like this name.

Here's What Qorvo's Charts Tell Us Ahead of Earnings

We see some revealing patterns for the semiconductor company.

Checking on AMD's Stock Charts Ahead of Tuesday's Earnings

Here's what to avoid for now.

On the Risk Vs. Reward Pendulum, the Arm Is Swinging Back Toward Risk

Dozens of individual stock charts indicate the issues behind them could run into resistance.

Intel Tanks (Again), but I Spy 3 Other Charts That Look Pretty Darn Good

The trio consists of a beverage seller, a connectivity company and a producer of advanced driving system technology.