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Advanced Micro Devices Is Making Its Upside Move

Hold longs from our prior recommendation and here are our new price targets.

Here's the Trade After Advanced Micro Devices 'Outta Sight' Quarter

Just check out the gains made for some of these metrics.

Intel Slumps to a New Low From Their Move Down Started in April

Let's check on the charts and indicators.

Jim Cramer: I Don't Like to Traffic in Peak

Peak says sell now or forever hold your peace because you can only go down from here.

Dodging the Snakes, Dissonant Dance With China, Dipping Into the Chip Bowl

Those rattles you hear on the COVID, Fed and political fronts are reasons to tread carefully in the markets.

Jim Cramer: An Intel/GlobalFoundries Deal Likely Isn't Going Anywhere

It's the type of transition the Biden team probably would put its antitrust lawyers on to squelch, again leaving Intel with no quick fix.

Have a Circuit Breaker Ready for Lam Research

Protect your LRCX profits with closer stops.

Taiwan Semiconductor Is Set to Resume Its Uptrend

The shares have largely traded sideways since early April, but a change could be on the way.

Jim Cramer: There's No Real Reason Why the Semis Have Declined

This fabulous group is a ball of confusion until you look where they come from.

Nvidia Continues to Travel to New Heights So Raise Stops

Let's review the charts and indicators once again.