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AMD May Struggle to Advance in the Near Term

Here's what the charts are indicating for the semiconductor giant's stock.

How Much Longer Will Chipmaker ASML's Price Weakness Continue?

Despite an earnings beat, the stock is floundering.

When Will Marvell Technology Stop Trading Sideways?

Here's what traders could do.

A Bunch of Giants Report This Week, but My Focus Is on 2 Semiconductor Stocks

We have the biggest chip producer and the most advanced fab producer reporting a day apart.

Nvidia Could Really Cost an 'Arm' and a Leg

NVDA could still soar higher -- and now a report around an investment in SoftBank's Arm is creating more hype. Let's check the charts.

Skyworks Is Looking Up

The charts show that this semiconductor company is poised to strengthen further.

Yellen Talks Tough in Beijing

Hitting out at "unfair economic practices," U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen pushes China to work on market reforms.

Micron Technology Requires a Measured Approach Right Now

The charts show that MU is likely to slip lower still, and more than by just a few microns.

Microchip Technology Is Poised to Make a Major Upside Breakout

Let's dig into the charts and indicators.

Battle Lines Harden Over Barbie, Artificial Intelligence and High-End Chips

The Barbie movie will be banned in Vietnam and perhaps the Philippines because of a brief glimpse of a "cow tongue line" above an upside-down Australia.