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Put Your Trading Chips on Taiwan Semiconductor

The fact is that TSM is the world's largest and most strategically important semiconductor foundry.

A Who's Who of Stocks That Nearly Made My Portfolio of 2022's Unloved Losers

The quartet consists of a tech giant, an entertainment behemoth, a semiconductor producer and a toolmaker.

Jobs Day, Ugly Manufacturing Data, Hail Halliburton, Is Bad Still Good?

Thursday's stock market action was hardly as disheartening after Wednesday's big day as many portrayed it to be.

4 Well-Known Names Kick Off the 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

A social media giant, an online marketplace, a semiconductor producer and an automaker make the latest list of unloved stock losers.

Don't Expect This Rally to Last, So Put in Stops Now to Protect Your Profits

It won't be surprising to see folks focus on earnings estimates being too high once late December and early January roll around.

Don't Be a Downer, Bullard's Bluster, Nice Bounce, Williams-Sonoma Slips Up

Plus, Fed officials shouldn't pretend that they are applying science to their decision-making, because they can't.

Troubles Aside, Nvidia Is Headed in the Right Direction: Here's the Trade

At the high-end computing game is there anyone better? The simple answer is no.

Nvidia's Charts Suggest Now Isn't the Time to Go All In on the Chipmaker

Nvidia's latest results are giving its shares a small boost, but its technical signals are mixed at best.

Let's Review Marvell Technology's Technical Indicators

Shares of the chipmaker have firmed recently to move above the 50-day moving average line.

Semiconductor Industry Set to Embark on Expensive Bifurcation

Chipmakers need to diversify their production bases, which for better or worse will impact Taiwan, current center of the chip fabrication sector.