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Nvidia Blew the Doors Off Expectations

Until we close under $255, bulls are still very much in charge, and the trend points much higher.

Where Nvidia Is Performing Well They Are Simply 'Crushing' It

The firm's forward guidance is both positive and thoughtful.

Nvidia Has Broken Out to New Highs Setting the Stage for Gains to the $340 Area

Let's go over the charts once again.

Nvidia Looks Strong Ahead of Tonight's Earnings Report

If you are long from lower levels continue to hold those positions.

Nvidia Is Poised to Challenge Its 2018 Zenith

A stellar earnings report may be needed to keep things going higher, however.

With Just a Touch, Synaptics Is Set to Soar Higher

Let's check the charts and indicators to see what could be next.

Applied Materials Looks Set to Rise

The charts and indicators of AMAT -- which is set to release earnings Wednesday -- show higher prices are likely in the weeks ahead.

It's Safe to Say This Deep-Value Portfolio Isn't Off to a Flying Start

Only three of the 12 names in the 2020 Double Net Value Portfolio are in positive territory since inception, with several down by double-digit percentages.

Get Ready for the Bumpy Ride

The market will continue swing up and down like a roller coaster after getting too giddy last month.

5 Top Chip Stocks - With Dividends to Boot

These semiconductor stocks all pay dividends in a sector that usually does not provide income.