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I Have a Fun Trade Idea for Tesla

Here's what investors want to hear about from the firm.

Skyworks Gets the All-Clear From Cramer, so Let's Chart a Path

... And see why some caution might be in order.

I Hate the Market Right Now But If You're Looking for Something, There's Micron

Am I making this play? No. I believe this one at least offers a clear stop and a plan to follow.

I Reinitiated a Long Position in Nvidia and Here's What's Key

NVDA reported earnings and ripped the cover off the ball.

Updating Our Technical Strategy for Nvidia After the Stock Split

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The Band Plays On, Risky Business, Keep Your Eyes Open, Down Memory Lane

Plus, a look at what's going on inside the trader's brain as he looks at Walt Disney, Airbnb and SoFi Technologies.

Micron Breaks to the Downside With More Losses Expected

Looks take a look at the charts and indicators.

Fiscal Landscape, Spending Packages, CPI, Trading the Semis, Cleveland Cliffs

Also, the NFIB Small Business Optimism Index printed at 99.7 for July, still on the strong side, but well below June's print, and well below expectations.

On Semiconductor Is a Buy, Traders Should Add to Longs

The charts are bullish, use any dip to build or increase your position in ON.

I'm Getting a Signal From Advanced Micro Devices

Here's how I would play AMD amid this push higher.