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All Hail Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang's Remarkable Stewardship: Trade It This Way

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have reportedly purchased thousands of the firm's GPUs.

China's Economic Woes Hit Markets Around the World

Nvidia alone is not going to be enough to support the market when Apple and Microsoft remain under pressure.

Free Fallin' China, Ruble Rubble, Bank Ratings Warning, Nvidia and the Semis

What a solution. If the numbers really, really stink, they just no longer exist.

A Crack in the Semiconductor Index

Let's examine a key line in the SOX chart and what it tells us; also, let's look at the short-term oversold reading, the intermediate-term overbought reading, and what will likely come of an oversold rally.

Super Micro Computer Has Further to Fall as AI Winners Correct

Traders should have taken the money and run in late June.

Subscribers Want to Know: When Is It Safe to Go Long Nvidia?

Successful trading requires flexibility and not dogma.

China Tech Investments Restricted, Nvidia Orders, Nasdaq Cracks, Trading Semis

On top of banning new private equity investment as well as joint-ventures, Biden's executive order requires U.S. interests doing business in mainland China to inform the U.S. government concerning direct investment in AI as well as other types of computer chips.

Will Nvidia Go From Superstar to Falling Star?

Cracks are starting to appear in Nvidia's record rise to new heights.

Qualcomm Dives After Weak Guidance: What Traders Should Watch

Let's see what strategy now makes sense.

I'm All Aboard AMD and Lisa Su's AI Train: Here's the Plan

If anyone is going to challenge Nvidia for market share in the generative AI-capable space, it's going to be AMD that makes the first truly serious attempt.