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Market Blame Game, Apple, China and Huawei, Intel and GlobalFoundries Heat Up

'Who's' to blame for the recent market selloff? Here are the prime suspects.

Nvidia Leads on the Way Up and It Might on the Way Down

The charts indicate momentum in the AI king's shares is weakening.

Broadcom Is a Bargain Among Semiconductor Firms: Trade It This Way

AVGO has the one thing that all companies need to take the next step. It's a free cash flow generation machine and that creates flexibility.

Vishay Is Looking A-Okay

Shares of the discrete semiconductor maker are looking attractive right now.

Arm IPO Will Provide Dry Powder for New SoftBank Spree

After retreating to play defense, Masayoshi Son now feels this is the time to return to offense.

A Case for Selling Nvidia -- And Buying a Potential New Market Leader

There's a deeper reason for Nvidia's recent reversal.

Markets Marking Time, Recession Talk, Hawkish Powell, Mighty Nvidia, Week Ahead

Artificial intelligence is the 'it' thing right now, and Nvidia is the only kid on the block getting paid by this latest revolution.

Marvell Certainly Isn't Inspiring Confidence, But I Have 2 Trade Ideas

The firm is losing money. Every quarter, and expects that streak to continue. They can adjust all they want. That doesn't produce actual profitability.

There's More to the Market Than Tech

While blowout results at Nvidia are more than impressive, they do little for the overall economy.

Nvidia Effect Wanes, Hiking Hike Odds, Indexes Hit Resistance, AI Washout

Plus, Boeing stubs its quality-control toe again and a lament about why the Treasury borrows so much money short term.