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Teradyne Could Continue to Rally So Go Long Here

Let's take a few minutes to add the charts to the Cramer's analysis.

Nvidia Is Sporting a Bullish Set of Charts: Here's What to Do

Prices have been outlining a large triangle-like pattern from April.

Micron: Let's Get to the 'Bottom' of the Story on This Chip Stock

'Bottoming' and 'bottomed' are two very different things.

Jim Cramer: Micron Technology Should Be on Your Radar

Despite the selloff in this name, if you believe in a rally, you can bet that MU will be a leader.

Micron Might Actually Be Fairly Priced Where It Currently Sits

Let's see what the trading into early next week brings before establishing any new trades in Micron.

Micron Is a Tricky Stock to Trade

I have made money being long Micron when I was sure that I needed to get out. I have lost money being long Micron when I was sure that I was right.

Watch How Micron Trades Before Throwing It Under the Bus

Let's see how the semiconductor company opens, trades and closes before deciding if it is a buying opportunity or the start of a deeper decline.

As Usual, Equities Are the Last Ones to Get What Is Really Happening

Like central bankers, the equity markets seem oblivious to weakening global economic conditions that indicate a recession already is here.

Micron Stock May Trade in a Range for Several Weeks Due to Mixed Indicators

Trading volume has been shrinking from late June, and this is not the picture technical analysts like to see.

Broadcom Isn't a Growth Stock Anymore, It's a Cash Flow Story

It's all about consistent cash flow. Annuity anyone?