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Selling a Home

Housing Market Still Waiting for First Time Buyers to Step Up

Activity in the housing market has improved with the weather over the past month, but housing affordability has become less attractive, especially on the east coast.

Be Careful Ahead of April Existing and New Home Sales Reports

A volatile housing sector is instilling some fear in the minds of investors as banks try to figure out when the Fed will raise interest rates again.

Country Stars Love Nashville and so Does the HGTV Smart Home

Join TheStreet for an exclusive tour of the HGTV Smart Home 2014 in Nashville with HGTV's Jack Thomasson and Tiffany Brooks.

Poor Home Sales Overshadow Strong Company Earnings

March new home sales dropped 14.5% to 384,000 from 449,000. Meridian Equity Partners' Jon Corpina believes a lack of economic reports is why the report is getting so much attention today.

Diary Of A Foreclosed Home

A neighborhood in New York where homes sell for half a million dollars is the last place you'd expect to see a rundown foreclosed home.