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Let's Take a Look at Pfizer Partner BioNTech's Charts

Aggressive traders who have dug into the fundamentals of this German-based company could look to go long.

Medtronic Has a Higher Target but the Near-Term Needs More Consolidation

I would look for some sideways to lower price action in the weeks ahead.

Agilent Technologies Could Trade Still Higher in the Weeks Ahead

The list of stocks that are making new all-time highs is growing and A is now on that list.

Jim Cramer: This Opening Is the Beginning of the End of the Healthcare Recession

What's really driving the market, what's making the Nasdaq roar? Tech and science, that's what.

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Covid-19 Test Could Help It Test Higher Ground

The pace of the selloff in shares of the maker of lab equipment has begun to slow and that is a positive.

Jim Cramer: Let's Put the Coronavirus Risk Into Proper Perspective, Shall We?

The ultimate economic impact of the disease isn't clear, but what is clear is who is most at risk and where you're mostly likely to contract it.

Charles River Labs Won't See Its Narrow Trading Range Last Forever

The contract research company's shares will not stay in a tight trading range indefinitely, so would-be buyers should be prepared to act.

Sarepta Therapeutics Looks Ready to Break Out to the Upside

Here's how to play this stock.

Edwards Lifesciences Has Formula for Long-Lasting Rally

EW has had some corrections and pullbacks along the way during this long and strong rally from $80 to nearly $200, but its price target is $240.

Boeing and CVS: Two Sagas Worth Tracking, But Just One Worth Playing Right Now

With all the unknowns surrounding Boeing it's way too early to take a position in the aircraft maker; the same is not true with CVS.