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Halfway Home and This Portfolio of Lovable Losers Keeps Delivering

The 2021 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio didn't do much in April but is soundly beating the market six months after inception.

CRISPR Therapeutics Could Suffer Further Steep Losses

Let's look over the charts and indicators.

If You're Buying Bionano Genomics Know That It's Speculative Only

I have a problem with stocks that trade for pennies one day and then soar higher the next.

Look for the Rally in Charles River Labs to Continue

Here's how traders can play shares of the contract research company.

Jim Cramer: What's Winning Is the Technology of Replacement

If you look at the economy as between service and tech you find the old-guard being overrun.

Acceleron Pharma Looks Poised to Continue Bull Run in 2021

The biopharma company's stock has built a nice base, which suggests the shares could keep moving significantly higher in the coming months.

Watch Out, Pacific Biosciences Stock Is Very Extended

This candlestick pattern is very successful in catching significant tops.

Thankful for Life, Sloppy Wednesday, Sizing Up Salesforce, Keep on Fighting

The battle to gain control over Covid-19 is entering a crucial stage and calls for continued determination.

Let's Take a Look at Pfizer Partner BioNTech's Charts

Aggressive traders who have dug into the fundamentals of this German-based company could look to go long.

Medtronic Has a Higher Target but the Near-Term Needs More Consolidation

I would look for some sideways to lower price action in the weeks ahead.