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Opportunities in Energy as Russia Invades Ukraine

Angela Merkel made a notable shift towards allowing and subsidizing the import of LNG from the U.S. to Germany and the EU in 2018.

There Are Signs of Increased Focus on Individual Stocks and Sectors

While the action today has positive aspects, it is premature to assume that a low has formed.

This Isn't a Buying Opportunity for Equities

Just dump the overpriced hopium names from your portfolio. Now.

I Bought 3 Stocks, Added to Another, and Could Buy More

This war has been anticipated to some extent, and that is preventing much worse action so far.

Lockheed and Northrop: Here's How to Trade These Stocks Now

It comes as no surprise that among Industrials named as outperformers by JPM were LMT, NOC, and 5 additional defense stocks.

The Fog of War Hits the Market Hard

Buying in the face of the outbreak of war and extreme emotions is tough to do.

Markets Ablaze, Ukraine Invasion, Neon Nightmare, What If? Gold and Silver

Thought the semiconductor shortage had already been severe? That's where the cards currently lie.

As Russia Appears Increasingly Trigger-Happy, Investors Grow Gun Shy

It is an ugly situation, and market players are going to sit on the sidelines until there is some greater clarity.

Mix in Russia, Inflation and the Fed, and Oil's Outlook Gets Murky

How tight are the oil markets here, really? Let's take a look.

We're in One of the Stealthiest Bear Markets of My Lifetime

The oracles at the Fed will hike rates until they cause a significant hiccup in the economy and/or markets.