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How the Ukraine War Affects Markets

Despite the war, equities staged a large rally late last week, but I believe it will be short-lived.

Unintended Consequences of Economic Sanctions Are the Next Big Market Risk

There isn't much reason to chase things higher while there is still a substantial risk of negative developments.

Indian Economy, Hong Kong Stocks Hurting Most in Asia

When India reports GDP later today, the numbers won't factor in the future heavy cost to the country of higher oil prices.

A Wild Four Days Leaves the Market in Better Shape

Further bouts of volatility are likely, but conditions have improved for upside movement.

This Is the World We Live In

Why are people buying stocks against the backdrop of the biggest European conflict since 1945?

Stocks Need Some Calm Action to Help Digest Thursday's Wild Reversal

The market seems to have discounted the worst at this point which is helping to provide support.

Putting Capital to Work Now Requires a Stronger Than Normal Stomach

It's a decent environment to find situations where market punishment does not fit the crime.

Asian Market Impact of Ukraine Invasion Revolves Around China

As the market selloff shows, Asia will not escape the Russia-Ukraine war's effects.

Thursday's Big Reversal Is Just the First Step in the Journey to a Better Market

The positive news is that the worst stocks are the ones showing the best relative strength.

What Is War Good For? A Market Reversal

News of the Russian invasion of Ukraine turned into a 'buy the bad news' opportunity Thursday.