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Balancing Patience With Aggressiveness

I want to lie in wait and then move big and fast when I feel that the odds are in my favor.

Traders Wait on the Headlines for Direction

The worst stocks in the market have bottomed and are now holding above support levels.

Bearish Signs Continue to Mount With the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100 and Russian Ruble

The plunge in the ruble has a similar effect as a currency devaluation, which is how the 1997 Financial Crisis crisis began.

Price Action Remains Strong, But So Is the Danger of Negative Headlines

The primary question for the market is whether it can continue to hold up in the face of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Resistance & Sanctions, Complexity Risk, Rubles, Bitcoin, Defense Stock Breakout

How will the extraction of all things Russian from worldwide participation impact the global economy?

You Can't Hope Your Way Through This Market

That feeling is what moved stocks on Monday, but it's no strategy. Here's my take on how to handle the market as Russia bears down on Ukraine.

If Russia's Attack Gives You the Jitters, Then Wait

It's hard for traders to sit on their hands, but sometimes that's what they must do. Here's my game plan right now.

The Focus Now Is on Stock Picking and Less Algorithm-Driven Action

The most important thing is to stay flexible and use the reaction to news to adjust positions up and down.

Energy Investments and the War in Ukraine

Energy security will not take a backseat any longer. It is one reason Russia felt emboldened to attempt this war.

There's Some Positive Action Under the Surface

Market players are focusing more on stock selection and valuation.