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Weekend Worries About Ukraine Will Keep Pressure on the Market Today

The big concern is that there is no way to know how much damage Putin is willing to create to accomplish his goal of seizing Ukraine.

As Russia Fires Real, Virtual Weapons, Cybersecurity Gets Spotlight

The crisis in Ukraine underscores threats to the world and to companies big and small. Investors should take notice.

'In Powell We Trust' - Really?

Open your eyes! Ignore Powell and go extremely long natural resources.

Watch the Price Action and Not the Headlines

The action has been very bullish despite the very negative news flow.

Fed Looks Past Ukraine Invasion to Keep Focus on U.S. Economy, Prices

In testimony to Congress, Powell gives clearer vision of policy tightening plans, rate hikes.

The Market Isn't Seeing the Same Level of Negative Reaction to Headlines

There continue to be signs of support and accumulation under the surface.

It's Ugly Out There, and It's About to Get Uglier

It's hard to see how Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the world's response to it don't have big negative consequences for markets and the world economy.

War Rages On, SOTU, Markets, Oil, Interest Rates, Trading Several Stocks

Overnight, commodities such as crude oil, natural gas, corn, and wheat continued to soar in dollar terms.

China Must Claim 'Constructive' Role in Ukraine Talks

Beijing has so far sat on the fence when it comes to what it calls the Ukraine 'situation', not befitting its status as a superpower.

Commodities Are in a Vicious Cycle -- Don't Get Sucked In

As the worst is feared in Russia's invasion of Ukraine, widespread volatility in commodities is feeding on itself. Here are two rules to remember and my take on what we're seeing now.