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There Are Very Willing Buyers on Any Positive News

There are also signs that the market is looking ahead to the next phase in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Worse Before Better, Longer Than Shorter

Rising food prices could be a bigger story, from a negative perspective, than energy issues.

Pricing in Ugly, Ukraine War, China-Russia, Markets, Week Ahead, Q4 Performance

It appears that miners, drillers and defense contractors are still the places to be from an equity perspective. Everything else is a trade.

China Sets 'Highly Challenging Target' for Economy

Premier Li Keqiang stresses stability and the importance of 100 million 'market entities,' even as Beijing keeps up its regulatory assault on the private sector.

Russia Raises Risk, but Not For U.S. Job Growth

Here's why job growth is still relevant -- despite the attack on Ukraine -- and what it could mean for rate hikes and wages.

The Market Can't Ignore the Ukraine Crisis Any Longer

We are dealing with the next stage now when the cost of the battle is becoming more apparent.

Macro-Driven Markets Always Lead to Stock-Picking Opportunities

A large number of stocks are being mispriced right now due to macro pressures.

That '70s Market

The only things missing are the bell bottoms and the Eagles.

Russia's Nuclear Plant Attack Makes Case for Traders Moving to Cash Each Night

With a madman on the loose conducting a ludicrous war, this is a time for less risk, not more.

Unbridled Aggression, Russian Oil, Eye on Odessa, Jobs Day, Riding the Rails

Was Russia's attack upon a Ukrainian nuclear power plant shockingly reckless or shockingly calculated?