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Market Players Are Having a Hard Time Resisting Some of These Bargains

It's surprisingly strong action in view of the headline risk out of Ukraine and also the likelihood of a very hot CPI number on Thursday.

Banning Russia Oil, Wild Markets, Ukraine War, Energy and Defense Stock Moves

On Tuesday, a bevy of U.S. multinational corporations finally got around to heading for the exits from doing business in Russia.

Trying to Predict a Market Bottom Is a Poor Trading Strategy

The only way you can nail the bottom is to be willing to buy into the teeth of a decline.

Is the U.S. Running Out of Options as It Bans Russian Oil Imports?

President Biden is trying to coerce, rather beg, OPEC and other producers to pump more to avoid catastrophic consequences.

New Lows Continue to Pile Up But the Selling Hasn't Been Panicky

From a trading standpoint, the most important thing to keep in mind is that fundamentals and valuation aren't going to offer much protection.

Dip Buyers Kept at Bay by an Abundance of Uncertainty

There are fantastic opportunities developing, but the fundamentals are meaningless right now.

Red Monday, Running for the Hills, Crude Reality, Nickel, Lithium, Apple Event

Professionally managed capital not only participated heavily on Monday, the pros showed some aggregate fear.

There Are Very Willing Buyers on Any Positive News

There are also signs that the market is looking ahead to the next phase in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Worse Before Better, Longer Than Shorter

Rising food prices could be a bigger story, from a negative perspective, than energy issues.

Pricing in Ugly, Ukraine War, China-Russia, Markets, Week Ahead, Q4 Performance

It appears that miners, drillers and defense contractors are still the places to be from an equity perspective. Everything else is a trade.