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As Russia and Ukraine Mull Negotiations, How Realistic Is a Market Rally ?

Investors will need more than hope to place any bets on a relief rally at this time.

Why I'm Concerned About the Financial Sector

Higher interest rates tend to favor banks, but they also could result in outcomes that would have negative impacts on financial institutions.

Bulls Are Trying to Climb a Huge Wall of Worry

Despite a steady diet of negative news, Wednesday was a technical follow-through day which suggests that more upside is coming.

Is There an Actual Threat to the Petrodollar System?

Covid and Ukraine have just brought the time line closer to the dollar's ultimate demise.

Ramifications From the Ukraine War Will Be Felt for Some Time

When equities move higher on news of negotiations, I will not be buying into that rally.

Markets, Chinese Stocks, Russia-Ukraine, Zelenskyy, Fed Day, The Road Ahead

China promised relief on a number of issues that had contributed to intense pressure being placed on Chinese stocks at home and abroad.

Blue Monday, Technical Damage, Death Cross, FOMC, China, Raskin, Lockheed Martin

The Nasdaq Composite suffered a 'death cross' back in mid-February and what happened after that is now clear to see.

Ukraine-Russia Dominoes Still Could Fall in Ugly Ways

It is highly likely markets are heavily underestimating second- and third-order effects from Russia's invasion and the world's response to it.

Bumpy Road, Ukraine War, China, Week in Review, S&P 500, Apple on Thin Ice

Would Beijing risk becoming the global pariah that Russia is now?

Why Is the Market Willing to Believe Putin?

Our job isn't to try to guess how international events may play out. Our job is to navigate the price action.