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OPEC: To Cut or Not to Cut Production?

Oil market dynamics in 2023 are a far cry from what was seen in 2022.

Here's What I'm Watching as the Second Quarter Begins

Whether the Fed pauses interest rate hikes when they meet again in May is likely to be a dominant conversation in the month ahead.

Stick With Exxon as the U.S. Gets Smacked by Foreign Oil Producers

This may be seen as early steps toward moving at least some part of the oil trade away from trading in U.S. dollars.

Have We Moved Past the Peak of the Petrodollar?

The wheels of change are in motion as global alliances are shifting.

China on Charm Offensive as Aussie Trade Resumes, Russia Partnership Deepens

While Chinese President Xi Jinping concludes his visit to Moscow, Beijing has resumed imports of Australian coal, wine and lobster.

Facing the Banking Music, Fierce Rally, Hot Inflation, Volatility, SentinelOne

There are three ways to look at this volatility.

Here's Why My Current Investing Plan Is Prudent, Not Exciting

The much anticipated and hoped for Fed 'pivot' seems to be moving farther and farther out on the horizon.

Counter Moves, Powell's Speech, Russia Deficit, Microsoft and Google's AI Rumble

The blowout January jobs report probably does make a central banker or two think twice about letting up on short-term rate hikes.

Is Europe the New Poster Child for Asset Allocation in 2023?

It never pays to be invested in a one-sided way for too long, at least as it pertains to commodities such as natural gas.

Back to the Dark Ages? No, We're Not Running Out of Natural Gas

We're past the middle of the peak of winter and even assuming this cold weather spell, inventories should close the season very comfortably.