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The Stealth Bear Market Expands

Regardless how the Fed tea leaves fall today, the recent spike in volatility is likely to be with us for a while.

Textbook Bear Market? Rate Hikes, Bare Shelves, Russia, Crypto-Fiat, Earnings

There's no way to sugarcoat tightening policy into a weakening economy.

Should Unrest in Kazakhstan Concern Energy Investors?

Sandwiched between two great powers in Russia and China, Kazakhstan is the world's 12th largest oil producing nation.

Geopolitical Tensions Could Prove Positive for Defense Stocks

The Pacific is not unique in terms of governments shoring up defense capabilities, including major purchases from U.S.-based companies.

A Series of Fortunate Events, Fiscal Cliff, Powell's Prospects, 4 Trading Notes

Market volatility could spike in late November/early December just as liquidity walks away. Keep that in mind.

Climate Change Works When It's Convenient

And now, coal is back.

What Happened to All That Oil Market Tightness?

If the market is really as tight as the analysts claim, then why is the price not moving much higher?

What's Really Going on Behind the Scenes at OPEC+?

There is no shortage of oil, it's a timing game being held back for as long as possible to get the best price possible.

China Celebrates the Centenary of Communism, Wondering What Might Have Been

Where would China be if it had not suffered through the missteps orchestrated by its ruling party since it came to power in 1949?

Rampant Virus, Geopolitical Conflicts, Semi and Bank Stocks, Apple, Netflix, Ark

Financial markets are telling us something, so it seems.