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My Prediction for the Fourth Quarter: Pain

The Fed's insistence on raising interest rates fast and furiously and energy troubles in Europe will combine to put immense pressure on the global economy.

Here's Why Oil Is Unable to Rally Despite Low Inventories

The oil market is not only about supply but it is also about demand.

Here's How to Play Defense with Military Stocks and ETFs

Between the war in Ukraine and U.S. and China tensions, this may be a great time to invest in defense stocks and ETFs.

Fed Day, Energy Commodity Prices, Dangerous Russia, Charting the S&P, Apple

How the Fed's Powell reacts to questions in the press conference becomes just as important if not more so than the policy decision itself.

Keep One Eye on the Fed, the Other on Europe

As we worry about rate hikes from the Fed, the lights are flickering in Europe. Here are the tough questions investors need to consider now.

Chinese President Xi Jinping to Meet Russia's Putin on First Post-Covid Trip

It will be Xi's first trip outside China in almost 1,000 days.

As Russia Plays Game of Chicken, Oil Could Spill in Any Direction

Be careful when listening to those who make assumptions about what will happen with energy amid the war on Ukraine.

The Market Machine Is Making Noises, and Investors Should Listen

As we head into the fall, here are the problems I see in the greater global economy and the markets -- and my take on how to be positioned.

These 3 Events Could Impact Your Portfolio

OPEC+, European gas prices and the UK's new PM could have repercussions for investors worldwide.

Europe's Winter of Discontent Is Fast Approaching

An energy crisis is sweeping across the continent with notable ramifications for our economy and market.