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Climate Change Works When It's Convenient

And now, coal is back.

What Happened to All That Oil Market Tightness?

If the market is really as tight as the analysts claim, then why is the price not moving much higher?

What's Really Going on Behind the Scenes at OPEC+?

There is no shortage of oil, it's a timing game being held back for as long as possible to get the best price possible.

China Celebrates the Centenary of Communism, Wondering What Might Have Been

Where would China be if it had not suffered through the missteps orchestrated by its ruling party since it came to power in 1949?

Rampant Virus, Geopolitical Conflicts, Semi and Bank Stocks, Apple, Netflix, Ark

Financial markets are telling us something, so it seems.

Bye Bye Bitcoin?

Thursday's actions by the U.S. on Russia highlight how crypto makes it much easier for despots to avoid the impact of sanctions.

Saudi Arabia Has Only One Objective: Higher Oil Prices at Any Cost!

For now, they have achieved their objective, showing President Biden firmly who is in charge.

The OPEC March Meeting Is Turning Out to Be Very Interesting

Those blindly chasing the reflation trade tick for tick, better pay heed to physical market fundamentals.

Saudi Arabia Shocks the Market Once Again!

It seems Saudi Arabia is just buying time to support oil.

The Oil Market Is Slowly Rebalancing Itself

For now, recovering from oversold levels makes sense. But is this the start of a full-blown price recovery?