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Who Might the Oil Majors Acquire Next After Chevron's Anadarko Deal?

A rundown of several oil companies that could soon be on the block.

Investors Are Eager to Ride With Lyft IPO on Friday

Lyft's IPO is looking like a party bus, but how long can the sentiment stay strong?

Goldman's Gold Standard in M&A Bolsters Outlook for 2019

Goldman is top of the heap for takeovers.

Takeda Pharmaceutical CEO Talks Big Pharma Trends

One of pharma's biggest CEO's talks M&A action on the exchange.

Celgene Surges as Bristol-Myers Squibb Blockbuster Deal Begins Year With a Bang

Big pharma could be primed for an M&A Boom after Bristol-Myers Squibb's blockbuster deal for Celgene.

Chart of the Day, Part 1: Tilray, AB Deal Pales in Comparison to Cronos

The buy-in from other companies into the space has been far larger.

Huawei and Nissan Arrests Hitting Asian Confidence Hard

Asian markets have been spooked by the fall of these mighty executives.

There's Trouble at the Top of Walmart's Largest Ever Acquisition

Any way you slice it, rapid reorganization of Flipkart only months after its purchase does not reflect well on Walmart.

Jim Cramer ExxonMobil's Bid for InterOil Is 'Anything but Conservative'

Jim Cramer says ExxonMobil's $2.2 billion bid for InterOil isn't that much money for Exxon, but is 'anything but conservative.'