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United Continental's Ascent May Level Off

A lack of strong volume and a slowing of the uptrend in the airline's shares suggest it could trade sideways or even decline a bit in the short term

Market Reacts in Pavlovian Manner to Latest Fed Pronouncements

The news out of the Fed triggered computer programs to sell equities, but there is no follow through so far today.

A Hawkish Fed Still Can't Kill This Market

The market is anticipating higher rates and some inflation and that likely will matter at some point, but not yet.

Fashion Nice Gains From So-So Chico's

The less-than-stellar retailer still is doing well enough to present a great trading opportunity.

Golar LNG Shares Heat Up as Shipping Rates Soar

Demand for vessels to ship liquefied natural gas is outpacing supply, which is a positive for this LNG shipper.

Comcast Charts Still Send Positive Long-Term Signal After Winning Sky Bid

The media giant's dip on its successful bid to buy a big chunk of Britain's Sky television isn't likely to trigger a protracted decline in its stock.

A Brief Bird's Eye View of Fresh IPO Elanco Animal Health

The limited technical data for the recent Eli Lilly spinoff indicate buyers came in early and appear to be holding.

Interest Rates, Not Trade Issues, Are Main Market Driver Now

Participants will be focusing on the level of hawkishness displayed in the latest Federal Open Market Committee policy statement.

Acuity Shows Cost of Waiting on Analysts

Acuity Brands offered tremendous value in the spring, but analysts didn't catch on.

How to Invest and Trade Like the Best Money Managers

Patience and good timing are among the keys to their success.