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Risk Management

It Is Better to Be Late Than Early When It Comes to Stock Market Turns

The idea isn't to buy stocks at the exact lows, but to buy them when they have the best chance of producing sustained positive moves.

How to Play Ford, Despite Its Lousy Chart: Market Recon

Given that protection is priced so cheaply, be sure to hedge this risky trade.

Last Week's Big Move Was Dominated by Options Expiration

And the market is vacillating between macro headwinds following economic slowdown and robust company earnings.

The Fed Pulls a Miley Cyrus and Comes In Like a Wrecking Ball

The Federal Reserve should, but likely won't, stop hiking rates before it inflicts more economic damage.

Focus on Protecting Capital Rather Than Predicting the Next Market Move

Forget all the arguments and theories about what the market will do next, nothing is more important than preserving your capital.

6 Steps for Dealing With a Market That Can't Be Trusted

They include holding a high level of cash, keeping stops tight and being patient.

Jim Cramer: The Move Out of Regional Banks Is Fed-Fueled

The shift from regional to national banks is stark.

The Good Side of Bad Selloffs

Carpet tile maker Interface illustrates the potential of profiting from greatly oversold stocks.

Advanced Micro Devices Requires Patience Before Laying Down More Chips

The chip maker's recent pullback after a strong run-up since the spring may not have run its course, so wait for further testing of the current price range.

2 Dip-Buying Tips (Psst…One Involves Ford)

The other involves taking advantage of late-day rebalancing by ETFs.