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Texas Instruments Exemplifies Drag of Lackluster Earnings on Market

There have been some solid earnings reports, but they haven't provided a boost to the broader market.

Lumbering Homebuilders Show Signs of Life

Better-than-expected numbers from PulteGroup and TRI Pointe Group are encouraging.

It Isn't Time to Go as Big as Texas Into Texas Instruments

Do not be in a rush to try to pick a low or bottom for the stock of this semiconductor giant.

Cash, Patience Are Your Best Tools for Dealing with a Nasty Correction

The current market is about escaping positions before they can fall further and then waiting until conditions improve.

Jim Cramer: 'Happy Talk' Crowd Better Start Listening to Disquieting Calls

Fed policy makers, research directors and the media seem clueless that the economy is slowing, not growing.

What Do Equities Know That FX and Commodities Do Not?

The biggest risk right now is the yuan level versus the dollar.

Advanced Micro Devices' Correction Isn't Over

Our favorite gang of indicators is still bearish on the chipmaker.

Job No. 1 Is to Protect Capital During a Correction, Not Guess Its Length

When the turn back up comes there will be plenty of time to recoup losses and be positioned for the next big rally.

Jim Cramer: Watch for These Signs of a Bottom Before You Buy

Don't be a hero -- until we hit this VIX level and we see the U.S. market trade lower than Europe.

How to Identify and Deal With a Market in Distribution

Nobody rings a bell at the top or the bottom, but there often are clues that tell us to pause before becoming fully engaged.