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Christmas Movies to Watch - Netflix, Hallmark, Hulu, Amazon, Freeform and more

Happy Holidays! Have you opened your presents and eaten too many Christmas cookies? Maybe it's time to settle down for a long winter's nap... From Elf to Santa Clause to the Grinch, here are a few movie ideas to enjoy with your family.

What Is Port Wine? And Why You Should be Adding it to Your Holiday Menu

Everyone should be drinking more Port wine. It pairs perfectly with cheese and dessert, you can leave it open on your counter for weeks and where else can you get a 10-year-old wine for $20?

Your 3 Big Tech Stories: Amazon, Tesla and the iPhone X

Listen to our tech columnist Eric Jhonsa talk about the three big stories in tech: its the battle of the platforms, autonomous driving and that iPhone X. Listen in to hear who wins!

Watch: Mercedes-Benz Models That Will Blow You Away

Watch as we go through history to look at Mercedes-Benz best cars.

The Grey in Savannah Offers Great Food and Historical Resonance

Mashama Bailey offers a contemporary interpretation of Southern food at one of the region's best restaurants

Would You Eat Freshpet's Dog Food?

We put Freshpet's premium dog food up against cold cuts made for humans to the test.

Tony Robbins Lists the 4 Key Principles to Guide Investment Decisions

4 key principles to keep in mind that help with investment decisions.

Technology Won't Render Wall Street's Finest Obsolete Says Plumeri

Younger people may be technology savvy, but human beings will always like to speak to one another so financial advisers still play a valuable role.

Study Hard and You'll Become Financially Literate? Not So Fast

Investors are swamped with offerings from businesses that sponsor financial literacy websites and lectures, but is the public actually learning anything?

Container Store CEO: Holiday Season Should See Reasonable Growth

The Container Store and the American consumer have seen tough times before but both have always bounced back.