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5 of the Hottest Items Sold by Outdoor Brands

Outdoor apparel is on fire! And its sales are beating out fashion apparel. Because who doesn't love the great outdoors?! But you're going to need some gear. And here are the top five items you've been buying. Watch!

2018 Super Bowl Ad: Michelob Ultra Recruits 'Perfectly Fit' Chris Pratt

Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl beer ad wants you to believe that the 95-calorie beer, you'll look like actor super fit Chris Pratt.

2018 Superbowl Ad: Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot Join Doritos And Mtn Dew Ad

Doritos and Mountain Dew are coming together in a new Super Bowl ad this year along with Morgan Freeman, Peter Dinklage -- and wait for it -- Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott. Watch here!

2018 Super Bowl Ads: Pepsi Brings Back Cindy Crawford, Michael Jackson and More

The newly launched Pepsi Generation campaign pays tribute to the company's 120-year history in pop culture. So they're bringing Cindy Crawford back -- along with her son. Even Michael Jackson makes a cameo for the 2018 Super Bowl. Watch!

Video: Ford President on Autonomous Cars, the Economy and the Car He Drives

We got to spend time with Ford's president of global operations at #NAIAS and we talked about their autonomous driving strategy, how the economy affects truck sales and which Ford car he and his wife both drive.

Watch: Alfa Romeo's Giulia Takes Center Stage at the Detroit Auto Show

Alfa Romeo's Giulia was named Motor Trend magazine's Car of the Year and did not disappoint at this year's Detroit auto show. Watch!

CES 2018: Everything You Missed Today

As the day wraps up at #CES2018 in Las Vegas, we have your cheat sheet of the biggest announcements in case you weren't in Sin City today.

Amazon Echo: 5 Surprising Things It Can Do

Amazon's Alexa-controlled Echo speaker, now in its second generation, has even more music smart-home and digital-assistant capabilities. Watch our video and see what it can do!

Amazon's Top Books of 2017

Amazon ranked the top books of 2017. And while there is certainly a theme throughout the list, the good news is we are all still reading! Watch our video to see if your favorites are on top!

BMW Gears Up to Sell Half a Million Electric Cars by 2019

BMW is mass-producing electric cars and hopes you'll be driving one very soon. So watch this video and find out when you'll be able to buy yours.