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Volatility Goes on a Tear, and Worries About a Day of Reckoning

The S&P 500 has exhibited an abundance of swings over the last two months, while the government's open Covid-19 checkbook adds to an already-heavy debt burden.

2 Sectors That Will Look Markedly Different Under the New Normal

Retail and real estate already were undergoing change and that process only will be accelerated by differences in how we live amid the coronavirus.

Craft a Trade With This Retailer

Retailer Michaels offers high risk, but high reward.

Just for Kicks: Step on a Trade in Skechers

This name has been a favorite of mine to trade around earnings time.

Costco Is Close to an Upside Breakout

Wait for it and go long above $328.

Here's Where Walmart Stock Could Be Headed Next

Our latest analysis and trading strategy for shares of the retail behemoth.

Try on This Stock for Size, I Promise It'll Look Good on Your Portfolio

Genesco's stock suffered a dressing down amid the pandemic, but soon it will zip up to big gains.

Jim Cramer: It's the End of the Mall as We Know It

We keep hearing about Macy's, J.C. Penney, Kohl's and others who are in trouble -- well here's why.

Movado Bears Watching as Watchmaker Moves Back Into Deep-Value Territory

The company's stock has become interesting on its big decline, though it is not for the faint of heart.

An Extended Shopify Should Correct With the Broader Market Pulling Back

Traders and investors in SHOP should consider protecting profits or booking some of their gains.