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Costco Has Formed a Rare Diamond Formation: What It Means for Investors

Let's take out our jeweler's loupe to examine this trading pattern.

As Covid-19 Spreads, Dividends Get Locked Down, Too

Now, with retailers and related companies set to report, we likely will see more logs tossed on the fire that is dividend suspensions and quarterly dividend cuts.

Jim Cramer: This Game of Survival Is Rigged

Our government made businesses insolvent to conquer a disease it can't conquer, and now solid businesses that could have thrived, that could have been the next Walmart for all we know, are closing.

Fashionable Revolve Group Is Showing the Promise of a Rally

Let's look at the charts of this e-commerce fashion retailer.

Jim Cramer: Let the Froth Wash Out

Let's look at the stocks that will get crushed and that you can't touch right now.

Is Amazon Going Shopping at the Mall?

Amazon would benefit from becoming a Mall Rat -- a brick and mortar presence could offer some distinct advantages to the online retail giant.

Can AutoNation Get in Gear to Break Its Long-Term Downtrend?

In the short run it looks like shares of the auto retailer that just posted an first-quarter earnings beat can trade higher, though the longer-term trend is still bearish.

Now Here's a Stock That Really Has Fangs

Wolverine World Wide isn't a tech stock -- but it is 'world wide' -- and it's ready to really step up.

This Stock Is Dressed for Success at a Bargain Price

G-III Apparel Premier Company is being offered at a heavy discount.

The Pullback in Alibaba Could Be Over but Maintain Your Same Stop Protection

Let's review the charts once again.