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Costco Is Breaking Out to New Highs So Add to Longs

Here's our newest price objective.

Jim Cramer: In Times Like This, Go for the Easy Money

Look at the stocks you own. Can you tell me why you've got them? If you can't answer the following three questions, then have a look at several I like right now.

Amazon Is Making an Upside Breakout, Prime Day or Not

I do not expect much price weakness.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why Amazon Is a Stock I Could See Buying

The imbalances that have hurt us so much are beginning to take care of themselves.

Albertsons' Charts Give Reasons for Shoppers of Its Shares to Be Cautious

The grocery and drug retailer is still in an uptrend, but this technical analyst doesn't like the bearish divergences and a shrinking volume pattern.

Next 'Target'? To Become a Dividend King

How would TGT stack up as it enters the club of Kings?

American Express Continues Its Charge, So Let's Set New Price Targets

The credit card giant looks like a stock that longs should keep holding.

Jim Cramer: This Is a Market of Stocks, So Shop Around

Let's see what makes an 'aisle' of stocks hot and what makes another messy -- and what I'd suggest you put in your cart.

Crocs Is Breaking Out to a New All-Time High and It's My Stock of the Week

The shoes may be ugly, but the chart is attractive, and sales are good.

I Found a Diamond in the Rough and Polished It With a Nice Trade

Here's how I turned less than $30,000 into more than $124,000 by ignoring the analysts on Signet Jewelers.