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Rolling the Dice With Skechers

If I had a bias for SKX it would be on the long side.

Everything Cannabis Investors Need to Know Ahead of the 420 'Holiday'

Sales for Pot Holiday 420 will get rolling early this year. Any cannabis investor should pay attention.

Dividend Payments Never Are Out of Fashion With Tapestry

Fashion may be a fickle beast for stock prices, but solid, high-yielding dividend coverage is a buy every time.

Disney's Investor Day Has Analysts All Aflutter Like Tinker Bell

Wall Street is expecting big things from the House of Mouse on Thursday night.

Jim Cramer: Bed Bath & Beyond Needs a Big Change After Abysmal Quarter

It may not be too late to save the company, as it still has a good balance sheet. But major upheaval is needed.

Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Is Cheap, but That Doesn't Mean It's on Sale

If anything, after its latest earnings, BBBY is less appealing now than it was before.

Jim Cramer: Forget Capitol Hill, a More Important Show for Bankers Starts Friday

We have to hope they are given a better chance to tell their story than they were Wednesday.

Levi Strauss Results Show Solid Macro Footing for V.F. Corp. Spinoff

The global denim jeans market in the U.S. is set to grow from $66 billion in 2018 to over $85 billion in 2025.

Levi Strauss Leverages Women's Fashion for Growth

The trend could well sustain growth for years to come as more women flock to denim products.

I Don't Understand the Excitement About Levi Strauss

When you break down the net income number it really isn't that impressive.