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Ukraine War, Hypersonic Weapons, Markets, Week Ahead, Fed, Trading Salesforce

There should be no national priority greater than developing both defensive and offensive hypersonic technology.

Is It Safe to Climb Back Aboard the ARKK? Let's Check the Chart

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Is Toast Ready to Make a Recovery Rally?

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Don't Let a Bullish Day or Two Fool You -- We're Still in a Bear Market

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Dutch Bros Needs Its Charts to Perk Up

There are too many bearish signals to make the stock of the coffee chain attractive at this point.

Chipotle Mexican Grill's Charts Will Give You Heartburn

CMG gets a quantitative downgrade and the charts look ... unappetizing.

Darden Restaurants' Shares Are Breaking Down From a Major Top Pattern

Let's look at the charts and indicators.

Domino's Pizza May Need Some Special Toppings to Attract Buyers

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Controversial Biglari Holdings Shows Promise in a Down Market

Can recent successes translate into real value for investors?