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New Combo - Wendy's Has a Tasty Menu and Attractive Looking Charts

CEO Penegor talks about positive fundamental developments so let's see if that matches up on the charts.

This Restaurant Stock Is Serving Up Growth and Dividends

Value and income investors will like this name's recipe for success.

Domino's Pizza Isn't Likely to Deliver Positive Returns for a While

Prices gapped lower this morning in reaction to their quarterly numbers. Let's see how that may have changed a couple of charts.

Here's Why I'm Underweighting a Number of Market Sectors

Finding the right stocks is like finding the right dance partner.

Domino's Pizza Charts Show More Risk Than Reward Ahead of Earnings

The technical signs of the pizza delivery giant are mixed, which calls for caution ahead of Domino's results.

McDonald's Could Weaken Further in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check out the charts and indicators to see what downside risk may be cooking.

Jim Cramer: McDonald's? I'd Go With Chipotle, It's Taking Share From Everyone

If you own McDonald's I think you can ride this weakness out as ultimately if there is something wrong I am confident that CEO Steve Easterbrook will figure it out and fix it.

Shake Shack's Big Gains May Be Getting Stale as Early Buyers Leave

This is the kind of price performance we expect from cutting-edge technology companies not a chain of burger restaurants.

Many Questions About the Beyond Meat and McDonald's Experiment

For those thinking consumers who may begin eating a McDonald's Beyond Meat burger for health reasons, I don't see it happening.

Restaurant Stocks on Fire: Pricey Shake Shack Leads, While Sushi Goes Public

A basket of 38 restaurant stocks I track (large and small) is up about 20% for the year.