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Shake Shack Stumbles, but Might Be Worth Nibbling on Its Slide

Investor disappointment with same-store sales growth could serve up a way for entering the burger chain's shares.

McDonald's Shares Could Fall Further in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

The Season of 'Not So Bad', Adobe Analyst Day, Trading McDonald's: Market Recon

What's in focus for Adobe? Anything mentioned around net new Digital Media ARR (annualized recurring revenue)? Any mention here will likely impact the entire cloud.

Jitters in Starbucks Shares Appear to Be Over

The coffee merchant's charts indicate the decline in its stock has slowed and that a new uptrend could be at hand.

Wingstop Looks Appetizing, but I Need a Little More Convincing

WING could be at a buy point.

Expect Wendy's to Keep Serving Up Beefy Returns

Traders could look to buy WEN on shallow weakness -- $25 is our price target for now.

Here's Why Wingstop Is My 'Stock of the Week'

After negative responses to earnings from McDonald's and Chipotle, market players are likely inclined to react negatively to WING unless there is an exceptionally strong earnings report.

We Have a Market That Has Become a Little Extended

This looks like a normal pause within an uptrend.

McDonald's Is Giving Hungry Investors a 'Golden' Opportunity to Go Long

Let's check out the charts and indicators after disappointing earnings.

Dover Corp. Charts Signal Push Higher Isn't Over

The diversified manufacturer displays healthy technical signs to go along with solid fundamentals.