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2 Pricey Stocks Based on Their Balance Sheets

Shares of Dunkin's Brands and Planet Fitness appear to be expensive in light of the amount of debt the companies carry.

3 Household Names Worth Nibbles as Long Plays Based on Their Charts

The trio consists of a beverage giant, a restaurant chain and a money-center bank.

Why I'm Buying McDonald's Into Earnings

Technical charts can provide insight into coming earnings reports, and the ascending chart for the fast-food giant is indicating it's about to produce a solid report.

The Crowded Restaurant Landscape Has Several Shining Stars

A basket of 38 restaurant stocks I track, large and small, are up about 14% year to date.

2 Important Earnings Reports I'm Watching This Week

What to look for when Dave & Buster's and Constellation Brands report results.

Revived Papa John's Still Offers Chance to Make Some Dough

Though the pizza giant's stock already has risen as the company puts its troubles behind it, a key chart indicates it could rally even more.

Wendy's Stock Could Work Lower in the Months Ahead

You may want to hold the ketchup on Wendy's, with the charts showing some issues with the burger chain's stock.

Yum China Could Dip in the Short-Run so Play Defense for Now

Yum China's stock price is sending out mixed signals, so investors should proceed with caution.

Shake Shack Is Having Trouble With the Front of the House

Let's place our order and then look at the charts and indicators.

Mouthwatering Quarter for Dine Brands as Applebee's and IHOP Soar

DIN is shining example of what a solid, creative ad campaign can do to differentiate a restaurant brand.