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Virus Numbers in China as Suspect as Trading in Restaurant Chains

Shares in Chinese restaurant operators are not reflecting reality on the ground.

Is This a Buying Opportunity? I'm Still Not There Yet

With the coronavirus fear as thick as pea soup, many names don't yet qualify as 'stupid cheap'.

Markets Are Brutal for Restaurant, Cruise Line Names

Fear is the name of the game here, not reality, and until it abates, all bets are off.

Mass Hysteria Continues and Calls for Selective Investing

The selloff caused by coronavirus fears is creating dividend-paying bargains, but market volatility makes putting money to work a challenge.

Texas Roadhouse Could Pull Back to Revisit Its Breakout Level

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Cracker Barrel Could Pull Back for a Buy Opportunity Within Its Bottom Pattern

Let's review the charts and indicators.

What's Next for Domino's Pizza After Its Earnings Topper and Upside Price Gap?

Until we see some trading it will be hard to suggest a risk point for longs.

Does Wingstop Still Have Its 'Special Sauce'?

Wednesday was a wake up call for those long the stock.

Silver Linings for Bloomin' Brands but Unwelcome News for CPI Aerostructures

The restaurant operator missed on earnings but doubled its dividend, while the aircraft parts supplier reveals it will be restating results over two years.

Tighten Your Stops or Take Some Profits If You Are Long Wendy's

Let's review the charts and indicators of WEN.