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Competition Is Fierce in Restaurant Stocks

One noted newcomer was Kura Sushi USA, and this is likely not the last we've heard of publicly traded sushi restaurants.

Closing the Books on 2019 and Opening the Curtain on 2020

It has been portfolio cleanup time, which means saying goodbye to some stocks and hello to others.

Watch These Stocks as Hong Kong Posts Worst-Ever Retail Sales

October retail sales fell 24%, the worst one-month decline on record. Watch these restaurants and food chains that are targets of the protests.

Dinner and a Smoke: Two Dividend Champs Soon to Get the Crown

Here we'll discuss the remaining two of the four Dividend Champions that, if all goes well, will soon become Kings.

Is This Fast-food Name Too Hot to Handle? PEG Ratios Serve Up the Answer

We'll use this little-known equation to find out whether a popular restaurant chain is the right price to invest in.

Starbucks Is Ready to Percolate From Veterans Day

Here's how to play shares of the coffee chain.

Shake Shack's Slump Is Sending Investors Looking for a Food Stylist

Let's check out the charts and the menu again.

Shake Shack Stumbles, but Might Be Worth Nibbling on Its Slide

Investor disappointment with same-store sales growth could serve up a way for entering the burger chain's shares.

McDonald's Shares Could Fall Further in the Weeks Ahead

Let's check out the charts and indicators.

The Season of 'Not So Bad', Adobe Analyst Day, Trading McDonald's: Market Recon

What's in focus for Adobe? Anything mentioned around net new Digital Media ARR (annualized recurring revenue)? Any mention here will likely impact the entire cloud.