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Apocalypse Now (With a Serving of Chicken N' Turkey)

I think hell may have frozen over, given the little-reported news from Cracker Barrel. Let's look at this deal, and see how hot it gets in the kitchen.

Why I'm Losing My Appetite for McDonald's

We're checking the charts and indicators.

Starbucks' New CEO Rally Has Become Cold Brewed

Traders have reversed gears from being aggressive buyers to aggressive sellers.

With Darden Restaurants, I Wouldn't Stay at the Table Too Long

This is a story of declining margin in an inflationary environment.

Starbucks Still Has to Build a Base Pattern

SBUX getting a new captain to steer the ship is a positive but the ship is really large and it will take time to plot a new and sustained course.

Earnings Trends Become Clear as Retail Struggles While Biotech Perks Up

The latest quarterly reports indicate consumers are struggling but still are willing to pay for their medicines.

I Don't Have Much of an Appetite for Red Robin Ahead of Earnings

The restaurant chain reports quarterly numbers Wednesday.

McDonald's Eats to the Beat, But Its Overall Pattern Shows a Grimace

Here's what's on the menu after perusing the charts and indicators.

Chipotle Is Too Spicy to Buy Right Now

The shares have struggled to make a higher high and that is an issue.

Yum! Brands Is Retesting Their Early June Highs

How to Play It? Don't overstay your welcome.