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3 Recent IPOs With Rough Starts and Differing Levels of Appeal

The debuts of Robinhood, Krispy Kreme and Dole were less than stellar, but one of the trio might be worth a good look right now.

Wingstop Ready to Take Flight Based on Its Charts

The technical signals of the seller of chicken wings are largely positive.

Add Rising Input Costs to the Menu of Challenges in the Restaurant Sector

Yet for now, most restaurant stocks are enjoying solid years even as many contend with labor shortages and higher prices for products such as beef.

Domino's Pizza Is Piping Hot

Domino's has been able to flourish during the pandemic and its charts look good too.

Jim Cramer: Operating 'At Scale' Puts 3 Restaurant Names Far Above the Crowd

Chipotle, Domino's and Starbucks are the only food and drink purveyors to come through the pandemic stronger than before; here's why.

Jim Cramer: I Tip My Hat to Chipotle Which Is Doing Everything Right

Stock picking matters and winning stocks are right under your noses every day.

Why I'm Watching Chipotle Closer Now

Futures traders of a certain age have this pattern permanently etched into their brain.

NL Industries Shines on a Bad Day for Value While Krispy Kreme Bounces Around

However, it's a mystery as to why the holding company enjoyed a 10% bump on Tuesday.

Re-examining the Charts of Starbucks and Weyerhaeuser and Tracking DraftKings

Changes in commodities prices are sending Starbucks and Weyerhaeuser in different directions while DraftKings rebounds from negative news.

Here's How We'd Play Chipotle Stock Right Now

Jim Cramer says the stock can rally a lot higher. Here's what the charts and indicators say.