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Check Out McDonald's $2 Value Option

The Dec. 18, $220 calls for $2.00 or so are a decent value, and here's where I think they could go.

Thanksgiving Dinner Hasn't Been Cooked, and I'm Already Looking at a 'Potbelly'

I see a delicious play and a yummy chart in PBPB.

Jack in the Box Just Had a Smoking Quarter, but Is Its Stock a Buy?

Perhaps, but it would be best to see if shares of the fast-food chain can pop through a key resistance level before buying the stock.

Jim Cramer: This Is All Playing Out Like a Stephen King Novel

What happens when everyone hunkers down, creating their own de facto stay-in-place lockdown?

Here's a Trade Idea for Beyond Meat After Its Truly Awful Quarter

BYND didn't offer formal guidance though did focus on the unpredictability of Covid-19 and its impact on food services.

Should McDonald's Be on Investors' Menu?

Let's see how the charts are positioned after earnings Monday.

On the M&A Takeout Menu: Small and Mid-Size Restaurants

For starters, Cracker Barrel remains a top candidate.

A Fast Food Behemoth and 2 Tech Giants Offering Upside Trade Setups

McDonald's Corp., Salesforce.com and Adobe Inc. are worth tracking for opportunities to buy.

Acquisitions in Restaurant Land Go On and On

There are plenty of others I've served up as potential M&A candidates that have not come to fruition...yet.

You Can Get Some Fries With These Stocks -- and Dividends, Too

In this 'dividend derby' contest, we serve up two fast food restaurant stocks and see which comes out the hottest.