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Bullish-Looking ConAgra Brands Won't Be Kicking the Can Down the Road

The technical signals for the producer of packaged foods are largely positive and point to litte overhead resistance for its shares.

Closed Doors Cause Restaurants to Take Dividends, Buybacks Off Menu

The impact of the coronavirus on the cash flow of companies in the restaurant sector is leading to capital-saving moves by several notable names.

Welcome This Bargain -- It Will Make You Feel Right at Home

Buy Ruth's Hospitality Group low to sell it high. You may never get a better chance.

Starbucks Could Bounce Further but it Still Looks Like It's in the 'Weeds'

Wait for a better base to develop.

Sysco Delivers a Valuation That's Easy to Swallow

The current price of the big food distributor could produce substantial upside if the coronavirus crisis does not extend beyond a few months.

What's Bigger in Texas? Earnings Will Be for this Restaurant Chain

If you're tired of stocks that are all hat and no cattle, take a stake now in Texas Roadhouse to pay for the steak you'll eat at the restaurant in the future.

Domino's Pizza Tested a Key Average for a Buy Signal

Our latest trading strategy on the food delivery giant.

Starbucks Learns to Adjust in China but Its Shares Still Need Attention

Investors may want to see fresh buying of the coffee giant's stock and more technical signals that a bottom is in and retested.

At This Point, It's Not Time to Buy

As I've stated before, I'm looking for names that are 'stupid cheap', and I'm not sure we're there yet.

Butter Disappears While 'Bargain' Stocks Keep Slipping. Coincidence?

Dine Brands Global and Royal Caribbean looked cheap a few days ago yet fell a lot more on Thursday, which makes timing an entry challenging.