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Will a Sputtering Jobs Engine Cause the Equity Market to Stall?

That's a question investors should be thinking about as record numbers of Americans quit their jobs and create a big problem for many employers.

Domino's Pizza Charts Are a Little Soggy Ahead of Earnings

Avoid the long side for now.

Conagra Brands Shows Longer-Term Potential Ahead of Earnings

I can suggest a bullish strategy.

Bottoms Up? Constellation Brands Is Bottoming Ahead of Earnings

Increasing trading volume could be a subtle sign that investors are returning to the buy side.

Chicken Wings Take Wing, So Let's Feast on Other Parts of the Bird

Restaurants that specialize in bone-in wings are figuring out ways around tight supplies.

Restaurant Stocks Still Put on a Good Show, but Rising Costs Could Bite Them

McDonald's decision to raise its dividend is an indicator of the sector's comeback from the pandemic, but higher labor and food costs are a concern.

Uber's Sharp Rebound Strains Our Analysis Techniques

Hop in or wait for another ride?

Cracker Barrel Warns of Higher Costs in Store, Yet Still Hikes Its Dividend

The restaurant chain doesn't issue guidance for fiscal 2022, but does say it expects commodity and wage inflation.

Starbucks Makes a Successful Test of the 200-Day Average Line

Let's review the charts and indicators.

'Should I Be Worried About My AMC Stock?' Asks a Reader

Grab some popcorn for my thrilling answer... er, spoiler ... here. It's a real cliffhanger.