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DoorDash Is Not Convincing Me That the Decline Is Over

Let's check on the charts of DASH.

The Short and Long of Wendy's

Here's the area that I'd consider a buying opportunity.

Can Biglari Holdings Keep It Going?

The stock is certainly looking better these days, with both share classes trading near two-year highs.

Domino's Stock Looks Oven Fresh

It's time for a rebuy.

Here's Our Tasty and Updated Technical Strategy for Yum! Brands

Let's take a look at the charts and indicators.

Shake Shack Sits on Shaky Ground

Bearish signals are apparent on the chart of the burger and shake restaurant chain, shares of which have underperformed for months.

Coca-Cola's Charts Are Poised to Bubble Higher

While KO has no snack business it should still do well as restaurants reopen.

PAR Technology's Correction Is Over So Look to Go Long

Let's check the charts and indicators.

Cheesecake Factory Could Correct Before Making New Highs

Let's look at the charts and technical menu of CAKE.

Jim Cramer: We're Seeing the Triumph of Big Balance Sheets vs the Small Ones

I would argue that the pandemic has lasted just long enough to wipe out the little guy and let the bigger guys have the run of the joint.