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There's No Clear Sailing Ahead for Carnival: Here's How to Play It

CCL did lose a lot of money, much more than anticipated, but there are positives.

What's the Dave & Buster's PLAY as Earnings Approach?

Let's take a close look at the charts of the entertainment and dining venue company.

Has Disney's Stock Lost Its Magic?

House of Grouse: A return to the pandemic low of early 2020 cannot be ruled out.

Don't Get Too Comfortable, Airbnb Could Decline Further

Let's review the charts and indicators.

Hertz: Is the Check Engine Light On?

Let's check our dashboard of charts and indicators on HTZ.

Markets, Semiconductor and Defense Stocks, Real Yields, Netflix, Trading Disney

For NFLX, I think I'll give this one the old 'Three Day Rule', and then we'll take a look. Even then, it may just be a trader, not a keeper.

Norwegian Cruise Line Still Doesn't Look Like It's Ready to Set Sail

Trend strength is lacking for the stock of the cruise line operator.

Carnival Still Doesn't Look Like a Seaworthy Stock to Me

The cruise line operator is putting more of its capacity back into operation, but its pandemic-weakened capital structure remains a concern.

It Might Be Best to Take a Vacation From Buying Shares of Vacasa

The charts of the vacation rental platform provider just aren't convincing at present.

Bottom or No?, Stay Flexible, China-Russia Concerns, Biden-Xi, My Disney Dance

Plus, the average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage has risen above 4%, so what will that do to the housing market?