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Should You Buy A Vacation Property in the Age of the Sharing Economy?

The idea of owning a second home and renting it out for profit might seem appealing, even if you aren't part of the one percent.

FICO Survey Finds Mortgage Lenders See Real Estate Bubble Forming

A FICO survey of North American mortgage lenders found that many are concerned about the potential of another housing crash.

Lennar Homes' Higher Prices Doesn't Scare Away Buyers

Lennar says even though home prices are higher, it's cheaper than renting and that's why the home builder was able to raise prices by 14% in the second quarter.

What You Get for a $1 Million Summer Rental in the Hamptons

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start to summer, and that means many on Wall Street will escape New York City on the weekends -- but it's not cheap.

Hot Vacation Destinations Wall Streeters Will Seek Out This Summer

The start of summer means vacation, and Wall Street is no exception. Bankers trade in their tailored suits for shorts and flip-flops. So where will bankers cool off as the temperatures heat up?

Airbnb Reaches Deal With The NYS Attorney General's Office Over User Data

Airbnb has agreed to work with the New York State attorney general's office over the subpoena about supplying user data. Initially the home rental start-up didn't want to provide individuals names or addresses.

Jim Cramer Says Home Away Has Real Earnings

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says despite its powerful concept and +30% growth, vacation rental property marketplace Home Away's stock is hated. However, Cramer says it's a buy.

Girls Rent the Runway, Guys Go to Eleven James

Like Le Tote or Rent the Runway, Eleven James offers men the opportunity to wear a cool new watch every few months for a monthly fee.

DEPARTURES Magazine Reveals Where the Wealthy are Putting Their Money

Steven DeLuca, publisher of lifestyle magazine DEPARTURES reviews trends in super-prime real estate, including NYC's first $100 million dollar apartment.

The Leader in Online Real Estate: Housing and Relationship Building is on the MOVE

Move is the leader in online real estate and operator of the Move Network of real estate web site for consumers and real estate professionals.