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Airbnb Has Availability for an Extended Stay

The wind is at Airbnb's back as travel returns with a vengeance. And there's another market dynamic in play.

The Large Bifurcation of Views on Inflation

Rent increases are going to widen the discrepancy between the 'haves' and 'have nots' in our society.

Jim Cramer: A Guide to the Great Pandemic of 2020

Disinfectant makers, home repair retailers and even camping equipment names might be your best bet until a vaccine comes.

Millennials Love Investing in Timeshares: Bluegreen Vacations CEO

Timeshares apparently just aren't for boomers any longer, millennials are getting in the mix says Bluegreen Vacations CEO Shawn Pearson.

Which Costs More in Retirement? Your Housing or Healthcare

You probably worry the most about healthcare costs in retirement, but you'll be surprised to hear what actually could cost you more! Robert Powell, editor of Retirement Daily, explains. Watch!

Video: Why a Rusty Old Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Is Getting New Life

This is motorcycle nostalgia at its best. The era of board track racing is making a come back. Meet the young woman who is re-building antique motorcycles and winning at the racetracks! (Video)

Everything You Need to Know About Your Fire Insurance

Make sure you check your homeowners insurance policy for fire coverage -- here's what you need to know.

Ultimate Travel Hacks for Business Travelers

Are you a frequent business traveler looking for a few travel hacks? You're in luck. Tips in this video from a media executive who traveled more than 45 weeks a year!

The Cost of Houses in Top-10 Trendiest Cities

The cost of homes is often higher in more popular cities where the demand can outstrip the amount of affordable homes.

This Year's 5 Top Luxury Travel Trends May Surprise You

Here's a look at the top luxury travel trends for 2017.