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I See a Bright Spot for ReneSola

Here's a trade in the 'green energy' company as it breaks out higher.

Generac Is Charged Up and Ready to Rally

Let's look at the charts and see what has changed since late August.

I'm Becoming Less Flexible on Tesla's Split

But here's how I would approach the stock if you really want to get involved now.

Jim Cramer: Here's Why Apple and Tesla Are So High

These big names are not smoke and mirrors, if you look at what they really do.

Drive Carefully With GM, Even If an EV Spinoff Is Down the Road

An analyst pointed out that a spinoff of GM's electric vehicle unit could be in the works, but that doesn't mean you should hit the gas on buying shares.

I'm Taking a Measured Approach With This Auto Equipment Company

Perceptron has tools for both electric and combustion engines; here's how to trade it.

This Deep Value Portfolio Turns Positive Again but Still Isn't Stellar

Only four of the 13 stocks in the 2020 Double Net Value Portfolio are up since its inception last December.

For Energy Conscious Dividend Seekers, Greener Pastures Are Ahead

NextEra Energy Partners offers a high yield with growth from renewable energy.

Sometimes, Stories Do Come True

Two names I've talked about, AYRO and GNPX, saw their stories get closer to reality on Tuesday.

I've Got a Message for Nikola's CEO, and He May Not Like It

An investor's job -- long or short -- is to take the opposite side of a position, and here's why we should take a critical look at this electric vehicle company.