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Goodbye to the Year When Woke Went Broke

Let's look at how 'free money' fueled speculation in so-called green energy -- and the investment banks that poured gasoline all of the deals.

ETF Issuer Subversive Grabs My Attention With New SANE Fund and 2 Others

The diverse funds focus on decarbonization efforts, food security and mental health.

Enphase Energy: Are the Fundamentals and Technicals Aligned?

Let's pay another visit to the charts and indicators after the stock gets an upgrade.

With a Welcome Break From Data Now Here, Let's Shine a Light on Solar Stocks

There are a few solar names that look bullish while there are others that probably should be avoided.

Bearish Bets: A Hotel REIT and 2 Other Stocks You Should Consider Shorting

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Find Renewable Income With These Alternative Energy Dividend Stocks

Let's look at three companies that could give some energy to your portfolio.

Enphase Energy Merits Raising Its Stop Level

The renewable energy technology company keeps seeing its shares edge higher while an analyst gives its stock a buy recommendation.

3 Stocks to Stalk While We Kill Time Ahead of the Fed News Conference

One is a semiconductor giant while the other two are solar trades.

When It Comes to Gas Prices, Know What Is Cyclical and What is Secular

Just months ago, we heard cries about Europe running out of gas amid a harsh winter. Now, with gas prices down at least 50%, what will happen with fuel-oil switching?

Can Enphase Energy Renew Its Uptrend?

Let's check the charts and indicators for the answer.