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This Fellow Has No Interest in Yellow or Any Other Meme Stock

The recent run higher in the shares of the troubled trucking company is another example of how traders and the market sometimes act illogically.

Citigroup Appears Vulnerable to a Downside Move

The banking giant's stock hasn't shown much conviction for a while now and Moody's downgrades of several smaller banks probably won't help.

Worries About Economic Growth Boost Bonds and Pressure Equities

After a one-day bounce, the pressure is back on stocks partly due to poor economic news out of China.

I Just Don't See the Party in Equities Lasting, so Here's My Portfolio Setup

You'd be correct to say it is very conservatively positioned based on the belief that stocks could be in for a big tumble.

Palantir's Charts Suggest a Cautious Approach Ahead of Earnings

Traders would do well to take some profits after the big run in the stock of the developer of software platforms for the intelligence community.

Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Absolutely Should Think About Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Ball of Jobs Confusion, Hot Data Day, Yield Curve Curveball, Amazon Deep Dive

Amazon performed better than expected, so let's take a look at where its shares may go from here and my game plan for the stock.

Market Conditions Are Shifting, but Here's Why Apple May Offer an Opportunity

Bears tend to focus on Apple's valuation and fail to recognize that the stock often is seen as a place to park cash when market conditions become tougher.

I'm Crowning DraftKings With a Second, Higher Price Target as It Turns a Profit

Shares of the betting site are climbing as it swings from a loss to a profit and raises its revenue guidance.

We've Seen QQQ Recover After Pullbacks Before, but Will This Time Be Different?

Traders must be vigilant as the Invesco QQQ Trust has dipped below a key moving average.