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I Keep Telling Myself It's August, but the Market's Behavior Still Seems Strange

It appears to be a time to be cautious as equities this month seem to fade throughout the day.

Inflation Dilemma, Fed Dove's Hawkish Talk, Stealth Stock Selloff, Oil Boils

Plus, the United Auto Workers apply pressure on the legacy automakers with the union's big wage demands in their contract talks.

The Correction Is Underway, but Just How Low Will We Go?

It is possible the market will find support soon and come roaring back, but the price action suggests that selling momentum is building.

Roblox May Bounce After Disappointing Results, but I Wouldn't Play the Long Game

The technical setup of the online game platform operator is not conducive for sustained strength.

These 2 Major Index ETFs Shouldn't Crash No Matter What the Inflation Data Say

Let's get the consumer and producer price numbers in our hands, watch how traders react, then decide on our next move.

China's Largest Developer on Precipice of Default

Country Garden has 30 days to make good on its missed bond payments and has a stock price that is perilously close to delisting level.

Plug Power Plugs Along Downward as It Posts a Wider-Than-Expected Loss

The shares of the fuel cell developer continue to disappoint investors.

The Bulls Are Winning the Tug-of-War... Kind Of

But it will be interesting to see if they can hold off the bears once the latest consumer and producer price data are in.

Support Is Holding, but the Risk of More Downside Is Building

One of the biggest negatives right now is seasonality, as August and September are typically the worst two months of the year.

UPS Was Stuck in Neutral but Could Go Into Reverse After Cutting Guidance

The package delivery giant is seeing its shares sag after it detailed the potential negative impacts of its tentative labor contract with the Teamsters.