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Apple, Jobs and Regional Banks Will Put the Market to the Test Friday

Apple in particular could be a key as it is a good measure of overall market sentiment and we'll see if it can hold on to its overnight post-earnings gains.

Shorting Banks, Bank Insiders Buy, April Jobs Data, Microsoft-AMD Dealings

A bank industry official urges the SEC chief to investigate certain bank short selling "that appears disconnected from underlying financial realities."

A Strong Way to Play the China Growth Story May Be on the Way Soon

China's largest courier company, SF Express, is looking at a Hong Kong listing that would offer access to international investors.

With Jenny Craig Closing, Let's Weigh In with a Game Plan for Weight Watchers

The stock of parent company WW International has had a tremendous run so far this year, but its charts indicate it may trim down a bit near term.

The Fed May Have Put Itself in a Box, and That's Not a Positive

The central bank may be in a position where reacting, not planning, will dictate what it does going forward, which isn't good.

Hey OPEC, Who Is Saying 'Ouch' Now?

OPEC members must be scratching their heads wondering why oil is collapsing after they took about 1 million barrels per day out of the market.

Establishing New Positions Ahead of This Fed Decision Feels Like a Coin Toss

And anyone who claims to know which direction the central bank is going to go is lying.

Tradeweb Weaves Signals That It May Be Time to Buy

The creator of over-the-counter marketplaces reported in-line results last week.

CyberArk Trolls in Choppy Chart Waters as It Gains an Analyst's Thumbs Up

The stock of the identity software firm has found support near its current price in the past, but there is no guarantee that will happen again.

A Major Equity ETF and Popular Bond Fund Diverge, but Will That Continue?

The biggest concern for bulls is the 2023 correlation between TLT and stocks.