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Royalty Pharma Charts Require a Little Creativity With Initial IPO Trading

The sample size is small, but it appears traders are bullish on the biotech stock.

McDonald's Could Drive Through Resistance So Go Long Here

The technical signs of the fast food giant indicate a minor rally could propel its shares much higher.

Making Money in the Market Requires Discipline

Force yourselves to buy when others are panicking and temper your enthusiasm when markets are going wild to the upside.

Campbell Soup Investors May Be Losing Their Appetite for Its Shares

There are a handful of technical question marks surrounding the packaged foods company right now.

Don't Argue With Crazy

This market action may seem irrational and unjustified, but our job is to navigate the price action, not judge it.

Asian Stocks Falter and Are Likely to Correct Further

In Japan investors have priced in earnings a full six months too soon, while in China the coronavirus stages a bit of a comeback.

Hong Kong's TANJ Foursome of Stocks to Rival U.S.'s FANGs

Hong Kong will have its own tech quartet as of next Thursday; Asian shares don't have the same euphoria as U.S. stocks (yet), and that's a good thing.

British Banks Pledge Loyalty to China on Treason Law; Shareholder Pushes Back

Beijing demands support from companies in Hong Kong for its treason law if they want to keep doing business there and some big names are complying.

Stitch Fix Could Weaken Further Before Trying to Rally Again

The technical signals for the stock of the online apparel service are not strong and indicate it may not be the time to go long.

3 Recent Doormats in Retail Suddenly Spring to Life

Fossil Group, Michaels Companies and GameStop surged higher on Monday, likely for their own unique reasons.