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Index and Pension Rebalancing Acts Will Impact the Markets Near Term

The headlines about increased Covid-19 cases are unlikely to be a significant market factor as we wrap up this week and enter next week.

Covid-19 Complications, Grocery Store-y, More on Moderna: Market Recon

Plus, a closer look at Thursday's late-day rally and at actions impacting the nation's big banks.

Tesla Shares May Power Down a Bit Near Term

The charts of the electric vehicle maker are showing some weakening in the stock, though a major shake-out isn't likely.

9 Bargain Stocks to Watch in Asia's Worst-Performing Market

Indonesian stocks have done poorly this year, but these nine stocks could rate attention if investors rediscover the market.

Lands' End Has Discovered a Low but Still Must Establish a Base

Shares of the apparel retailer could rally more, but sideways action in the stock is more likely for now.

The Stock Market Is Not a Reasonable or Rational Person

Stop trying to project your logic onto a market that doesn't think like you.

It's Easy to Be a Bear, but Then Again...

The hard thing to do right now is to keep pushing and looking for new buys and trades.

Options Expiration Extravaganza Will Drive Friday's Action

As for me, I plan on ignoring the tiresome market timers and will focus on trading individual stocks instead.

Mirror Market Closes, Pompeo Tea Leaves and Disappointing Data: Market Recon

Plus, "smart rings" for detecting Covid-19 and quick looks at Salesforce.com and Zscaler.

Indian Government, Consumers Vow to Cut Out Chinese Products

Indian state companies will cancel contracts with China after a deadly border clash, while a retired major tells consumers to throw out their Chinese goods.