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Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Definitely Should Think About Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Japan Shakes Up Markets, Deceptive GDP Data, Semiconductors Shine (Even Intel)

The second-quarter GDP report wasn't as impressive as the financial media portrayed it… but let's not tell anyone.

The Bears Have More Work to Do to Create a Market Top

Underlying market support is significant, and it is clear the development of AI is creating an economic tailwind that is far from over.

A Widely Held Semiconductor ETF Reaches a Key Technical Fork in the Road

As a momentum leader in tech stocks and for the market as a whole, this fund dropping over one or two days would get some bears roaring loudly.

Meta Platforms Surges on Earnings and Guidance, So I'm Raising My Price Targets

It's also time to raise stops as the social media giant sees an AI-aided advertising recovery boost its revenue.

Handwringing Over Inflation, Fed Could Use More QT, How I'm Trading Microsoft

The Fed still wrestles with the inflationary beast while the technology giant plugs a lot more money back into its business.

It's a Foregone Conclusion What the Fed Will Do Next, but I'll Stand Pat Anyway

The noise from Microsoft's and Alphabet's earnings reports will die down when the Fed takes center stage.

Energy Drink Producer Celsius Hasn't Run Out of Caffeine Yet

I'm raising my sell stop as its charts indicate the stock has more room to run.

Rung by Rung, Lowe's Stock Price Steadily Climbs Higher

Shares of the home improvement retailer have more upside potential based on its charts.

If Tesla or QQQ Interests You, You'd Do Well to Check Out These Trade Setups

With the Invesco QQQ Trust in particular, it might be best to wait for the Fed rate decision to act.