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Waiting on Pullbacks in 2 Tech Behemoths for Buy Entries

Microsoft and Apple are the targets of possible trades based on their technical setups.

What Other Risks Is the Market Missing?

The war between small traders and hedge funds is unsettling the market, but there are other potential disruptors lurking, too.

Here's One Sector For Which I Have No Taste in This Market

It's the restaurant sector, which would still appear to be in for a rough time moving forward.

An Entertainment Giant and a Big Drugmaker Present Buy Setups

The stocks of Walt Disney Co. and Pfizer seem to offer nice upside potential based on their technical patterns.

2 More Covered Call Opportunities That Are Calling Investors

Here are options plays involving promising small-caps Clearside Biomedical and Mustang Bio.

Taking Precautions for When the Music Stops

The market continues to set all-time highs almost daily, but woe to those who are left without a chair should its sweet tune end abruptly.

On Dreams of Yesteryear and Covered Calls

The ability to execute options plays at cheap prices is a big change from a quarter-century ago, and small investors would do well to employ them.

Eyeing a Sell Setup in Alibaba but Possible Buys in 2 Other Names

The potential buy trades are in Invitae Corp. and Salesforce.com.

Will Lululemon Become a Lemon in 2021?

Shares of the athletic apparel maker could give ground in the near term, but that would be a buying opportunity.

Fingers Crossed for a Couple $2 Lottery Tickets in My Portfolio

T2 Biosystems and Tyme Technologies have both perked up of late after languishing for extended periods of time.