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Are We About to Witness the Return of Stagflation?

All the Covid-inspired federal spending going on now is reminiscent of the government's guns-and-butter mode of the 1970s.

A Diverse Trio That Set Up as Possible Buys Based on Their Charts

Amazon.com, Beyond Meat and Qualcomm are the three stocks that are worth stalking.

Is It Time to Take a Shot at Firearms Manufacturers?

The charts of Smith & Wesson Brands and Sturm Ruger indicate it might be best to hold your fire if you're inclined to buy their shares.

Migration Trends the Pandemic Triggered Won't End Soon

The exodus of residents from big cities and the reduced demand for office space are unlikely to reverse for some time.

Are Financial Stocks Sending a Signal?

After a strong start to the year, bank shares have been retreating over the last two weeks; here's what the declines could signify.

2 Small-Cap Biotechs That Show Promise in 2021

ADMA Biologics and Organogenesis Holdings recently issued preliminary year-end 2020 results that were encouraging.

Waiting on Pullbacks in 2 Tech Behemoths for Buy Entries

Microsoft and Apple are the targets of possible trades based on their technical setups.

What Other Risks Is the Market Missing?

The war between small traders and hedge funds is unsettling the market, but there are other potential disruptors lurking, too.

Here's One Sector For Which I Have No Taste in This Market

It's the restaurant sector, which would still appear to be in for a rough time moving forward.

An Entertainment Giant and a Big Drugmaker Present Buy Setups

The stocks of Walt Disney Co. and Pfizer seem to offer nice upside potential based on their technical patterns.