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Clues for When the Speculative Party in Commodities and Stocks May End

Fundamentals are failing us; it is all about the greenback, "green" bets and easy-money policies.

A Furniture Seller and Footwear Retailer With Room to Run

Hooker Furniture and Foot Locker recently raised their dividends and could provide more upside to buyers of the shares in the months ahead.

In Defense of Walmart

Shares of the mammoth retailer have been punished of late, but the bigger picture painted by its weekly chart shows the stock still in an uptrend.

Waiting to Trade on Possible Lows Developing in a Retailer and a Miner

Walmart and Barrick Gold are presenting a couple countertrend trade setups that are worth stalking.

Here Are 2 Biotech 'Chunk Plays' That Could Pick Up Nice Yardage

Amicus Therapeutics and Eiger BioPharmaceuticals set up well for using my covered call strategy.

It's an Opportune Time to Renew Your Vows With CVS Health

The pharmacy giant offered a great buy/write options play last summer and is setting up again for such action.

3 Reasons Why Caution Is Still Warranted in This Market

A sudden surge in energy prices is among the trio of factors that could put on damper on the market.

2 Small Dutch Biotechs That Could Be Treats Down the Road

UniQure NV and ProQR Therapeutics are companies based in Holland that have promising products in the pipeline.

Trust Me, It Is Not Different This Time

No matter how it looks during this red-hot market action, what makes stocks go up over time is the creation of value.

Don't Buy Facebook Yet

The technical patterns of the social media giant suggest its shares have more ground to give.