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Now That It's Down, Is Intel a Buy?

Perhaps not as a long-term investment, but the giant chipmaker could make for a good short-term trade.

Should Investors Log In to Teladoc?

It might be a good time to buy the stock because of its recent pullback, but there also is an ETF traders might consider if the telemedicine sector is of interest.

A Few Great Migration Plays to Consider Amid Exodus From Big Cities

Home improvement and supply concerns and homebuilders should do well as the movement from big cities to smaller towns gains traction.

With NRA in the Crosshairs, Let's Set Our Sights on Gunmaker Stocks

New York's attorney general wants to dissolve the National Rifle Association, which likely will boost gunmakers' sales prospects.

Impacts, Surprising and Not, From the Coronavirus and Civil Strife

There are business sectors that are doing better than anticipated and others that are benefiting as thought from events of the day.

A Few Infrastructure Names to Build a Portfolio Upon

Like Tutor Perini, Sterling Construction and Great Lakes Dredge & Dock offer promising prospects as construction projects continue amid the pandemic.

August Feels Dangerous, but There Still Are Stocks to Target

Among the companies that seem to be managing the challenges of 2020 quite well is Pluralsight Inc.

3 Covid-Proof Plays Not Named Amazon or Apple

Tutor Perini, Beazer Homes and Alexion Pharmaceuticals all turned in solid results in the face of the pandemic.

4 Financial Names That Offer Value in a Market Where It's Tough to Find

These companies are trading at reasonable multiples and two are offering nice dividend yields, too.

It Makes Sense to Diversify Away from High-Beta Names

And there is a particular Brazilian ETF that is worth exploring if you want to take advantage of rising commodity prices and the falling U.S. dollar.