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The Market Narrative Shifted on Tuesday, So Here's How to Shift With It

It officially changed from concern over inflation and interest rates to fear of recession, which is causing a change in where traders position themselves.

Want a Break from Chip Stock Ugliness? Check Out This Biotech ETF and Stock

The SPDR S&P Biotech ETF is one of the better-looking charts on this trader's screen, as is an individual biotech name.

Let's Size Up the Market's Prospects for the Second Half of 2022

The next six months can't be worse than the first six, can they?

The Charts Point to More Selling Ahead for 4 Former Tech Leaders

Keep in mind that no matter how much a stock has fallen, it can always go lower, and it appears these four stocks could prove that point.

A Few Thoughts on How to Approach a Tougher Bear Market Than Most

A key goal is to keep from losing money while the current bear runs its course, and don't count on positive seasonality leading to the Fourth of July.

Commodity Bull Runs Have Proven Unsustainable; Can This Time Be Different?

It's possible, but unlikely, as we've yet to see the commodity complex hold gains forged in a bull market.

AMD Soon Could Present a Tempting Trade Opportunity

However, long-term investors would do well not to try to pick a bottom in the chipmaker's stock.

Finding a Silver Lining or Two in Tuesday's Tech Wreck

It wasn't a pretty day for most tech stocks, but it wasn't a disaster, either.

Griffon Corp.: Under-loved, Under-followed, Ready to Rumble

The maker of building products appears significantly undervalued based on its results and earnings prospects; here's how to play it.

This Online Retail Underdog Finally Is Turning the Corner

This stock has been in the doghouse with investors for more than a year but has seen its shares turn higher of late.