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As Michaels and At Home Show, Retail Stocks Aren't for the Weak of Stomach

Many retailers take their shareholders on roller coaster rides these days, which is why queasy investors might do well to stay out of the names.

Expedia Group Looks Packed to Make a Trip North on the Charts

There appears to be more aggressive buying of the online travel giant's shares in recent months.

Microsoft Could Climb to New Highs Soon

The software giant's shares do not look extended and the price action appears balanced.

New Trading Range Develops as Market Players Search for Next Catalyst

The bears hope their negative narrative about a slowing economy, high valuations and an impotent Fed will take hold, but this market has been loath to embrace the pessimism.

Fed Finally Gets It, Calling AT&T and Microsoft Delivers: Market Recon

A dividend hike and a big buyback authorization by Mr. Softee should produce value for shareholders.

Portfolio of Comeback Hopefuls Makes a Comeback of Its Own

September's wave of buying in value stocks likely helped lift some of the 12 companies that are part of the 2018 Tax-Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio.

Dull and Random Describe Market Action Ahead of Fed Rate Announcement

Maybe the Federal Reserve will shake things up with its interest rate decision, but the market is not acting like it is expecting much.

FedEx Rival UPS Could Continue to Forge Its Own Way to the Upside

The charts of UPS and rival FedEx are quite different, with the former's technical signals indicating it could head higher.

Centene Shows Improvement After a Long Decline

Downside momentum has been slowing in the healthcare company's shares, which could foreshadow a low or a reversal.

Fed's Liquidity Quandary and Flying Over Northrop Grumman: Market Recon

Plus, here's a strategy for investing in oil that even the retail investor can employ.