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ResMed's Strong Charts Tell Bullish Story in Down Market

The maker of ventilators and CPAP machines saw shares sell off in March but its technical signs still look good.

These 2 Value Portfolios Are Doing OK, Relatively Speaking

The two portfolios, one active and the other passive, have sagged with the broader market but still are outperforming a pair of Russell value indices.

Bullish-Looking ConAgra Brands Won't Be Kicking the Can Down the Road

The technical signals for the producer of packaged foods are largely positive and point to litte overhead resistance for its shares.

SAP Could Struggle to Overcome Overhead Chart Resistance

Alhough a key chart shows a new high is possible, the stock of this enterprise software giant could be disappointng for a while.

Royal Caribbean's Choppy Waters May Continue Even After Covid-19 Wanes

It is unclear non only when cruises will resume, but also how eager passengers and crews will be to return to its ships once service starts back up.

Managing Emotions Is Key to Navigating a Fast-Moving Market

Keeping emotions in check not only makes you less impulsive but also helps you consider the market more objectively.

Go Long Veeva Systems on Strength as the Rally Could Extend Further

The technical signals for the technology provider to the life science industry show its shares have upside potential.

There's Another Interesting Situation Playing Out in the Silver Markets

Both the spot price and the price of physical silver have soared in recent days, though the spread between the two has not narrowed but rather widened.

Johnson & Johnson Weathers Storm but Needs to Build a New Base

The healthcare giant's charts still show some signs of weakness but also indicate it could rally and make a base from a higher level.

Brief Bounces Keep Creating Conditions for More Waves of Selling

Many people selling here don't want to sell but are forced to for reasons that include their clients' desire to pull their capital out of the market.