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Here's the Third Installment of My 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

A consumer products conglomerate, a pet health company, a footwear and apparel producer and a winemaker make up this quartet of stocks.

As TLT Shows, It's Best to Tune Out the Noise and Focus on the Tape and Charts

Most pundits in the financial media had given up on the bond ETF, but the technical said something else entirely.

Zscaler Stands to Weaken After Issuing Conservative Growth Outlook

The stock of the cloud security company isn't a long candidate at present.

Jobs Day, Ugly Manufacturing Data, Hail Halliburton, Is Bad Still Good?

Thursday's stock market action was hardly as disheartening after Wednesday's big day as many portrayed it to be.

Inflation May Have Peaked, but Significant Economic Issues Remain

The November jobs report will signal whether the main market concern is inflation or growth.

Five Comes Alive, and That's No Jive

Five Below, that is, as the low-price retailer trounces earnings expectations and its chart shapes up nicely.

I Guess I Didn't Hear the Same Powell Speech That Other Traders Did

To my ears, the Fed chairman did not say anything on Wednesday that merited the incredible stock gains racked up after his remarks.

Market Conditions Are Supportive of More Upside, but Big Obstacles Lurk

Positive seasonality could help keep stocks moving higher into the end of the year, but a few economic reports ahead could dampen enthusiasm.

Welcome to Part 2 of My 2023 Tax Loss Selling Recovery Portfolio

This quartet of stocks includes a boat retailer, an underwear maker, a department store chain and an entertainment giant.

Can IBM's Upside Breakout Continue?

Possibly, as a number of Big Blue's technical signals are bullish.