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Warning Signs Are Developing in a Two-Tiered Market

The market is displaying extreme inconsistency, which is giving fits to market timers.

Equity Divergence, Technical Intrigue and Fiscal Prop-Up Politics: Market Recon

Plus, the market has bad breadth and PC and operating system makers should benefit from virus-inspired home-based schooling.

Singapore Heads to the Polls With Virus Crisis Sweeping City State

The election's outcome is a foregone conclusion, but let's see how much backing Singaporeans give to their all-powerful government's Covid-19 response.

Real Money Post Industrial Average Outperforms, Despite Outbreak

The RMPIA rebounded more than 22% in the June quarter to finish up 7.8% at the 2020 half mark.

Walmart Charts Look Constructive as It Counterpunches the Elephant in the Room

The big retailer's stock rallies as it takes on Amazon's Prime service with its own entry, which it calls Walmart+.

Chinese Stocks Surge Suspiciously on Back of Patriotic Retail Buying

Chinese authorities spread the word that they see a bull market rally as a patriotic act, but how long can they back leveraged retail punters?

Novavax and Its $1.6 Billion Award Just Got My Attention

The smallish clinical-stage vaccine company looks like a trade, not an investment, and might be approached as an option play.

Dr. Copper Benefits From Supply Shortages as Demand Picks Up

The metal is one commodity that should be bought on any weakness, barring a full-blown economic recession.

Hong Kong Free Speech Disappears With Imposed Treason Law

Beijing has forced a law on Hong Kong that slaps heavy penalties on "collusion" with foreign entities, which could mean just about anything.

'Speculative Nonsense' or a Great Market for Traders?

Institutional Wall Street can't play the speculation game like the little guy so it has no choice but to criticize it.