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My Rx for How to Buy Aurinia Pharmaceuticals on Its Breakout

The charts indicate that buyers of Aurinia have been more aggressive in recent weeks after a period of consolidation.

So Far, So Good for My 2019 Double-Net Value Portfolio

The 22 names in the portfolio as a group are outpacing the value components of the Russell 2000 and Russell Microcap indices.

VOXX International Rocks, but Richardson Electronics Short Circuits

Shares of two deep-value plays head in different directions following their earnings announcements.

Activision Blizzard Fated to Fall on Friday Following Destiny Departure

Various analysts are concerned about what's ahead in the near term for the video game giant as it cuts the cord with the Destiny franchise.

Bearish Arguments Are Easy, Timing When to Act on Them Is the Challenge

The ability to effectively navigate the market does not involve understanding what horrors await, but rather determining when the market gives a hoot about them.

Buyers Belly Up to Constellation Brands After Wednesday's Big Stumble

A number of analysts maintain the beer and wine giant's valuation is even more attractive for long-term investors thanks to a sharp decline in its shares.

The Battle Between the Computers and 'Reasonable' People

Human traders run into trouble when they think about what is reasonable for the market to do, as computers are programmed to take advantage of that simple thinking.

Apple Holds Its Ground as CEO Tim Cook States His Case

Cook's appearance with Jim Cramer on "Mad Money" is helping Apple's shares maintain recent gains that followed a sharp decline.

Allergan Must Prove Itself With Signs of More Aggressive Buying

A three-year decline in the shares of the maker of Botox will take more than a two-week bounce to reverse.

Even the Bulls Want a Pullback Now

It would be much easier to trade if the market consolidated its recent big gains, but if it was easy it wouldn't be so potentially lucrative.