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Bearish Bets: 3 Stocks You Should Consider Shorting This Week

These recently downgraded names are displaying both quantitative and technical deterioration.

Tesla and Meta Become a Value Investor's Delight in 2023

Both stocks are up significantly so far this year, though whether those gains can hold is another matter.

I've Got a Wary Eye on Intel, and a Few Sector and Index ETFs

Intel seems trapped in a range, and the ETFs continue to trade beneath important moving averages.

Irish Eyes Smile and So Do Traders, Yellen Speaks, Banks Unite, Fed Lends Big

The real story of strength in the markets Thursday came as 11 US banks joined in depositing a torrent of cash in First Republic Bank.

Price Action Bulls Have the Near-Term Edge, but Bears Have a Better Argument

The key right now is to be aware of your time frames and be ready for volatility as more news flow drives the action.

Nike Appears to Be Running in Place as an Analyst Deems It a Sell

The charts of the footwear and apparel giant are not sending bullish signals in advance of its third-quarter results next week.

Tech Stocks Offer a Pleasant Surprise, and Why Would Anyone Own Credit Suisse?

Plus, the Fed's next move on interest rates has become a literal coin toss.

Rotation Into Technology Is Providing Support, But How Long Will It Last?

Money is moving out of financial stocks into tech, but bears continue to warn that tech stocks will be hit by valuation adjustments as the economy slows.

OPEC and the Fed Have Their Hands Tied When It Comes to Impacting Markets

In the case of OPEC, cutting back on oil supplies doesn't do much for boosting prices when demand isn't there.

Let's Hope Techies Learn a Few Lessons From Silicon Valley Bank's Collapse

While bank seizures are never a good thing, a sizable number of tech-based start-ups desperately need a reality check.